17 Sep

M/f; year: 2004; time: 15 minutes

A “Lupus Dreams” production, and we are surely not the first to say that the title will serve as the review of this vacuous film.

A guy has hired a chunky blond prostitute and he is spanking her, softly and without effect, in a darkened faux B&D dungeon. She wears a laced corset/bustier and nothing else. Her breasts are exposed, no panties. The spanking is silly–he is not getting any satisfaction and wants more. The girl receives a cell phone call and has to go, probably another client is ready. The guy pays her off and leaves, but somehow she lifts his wallet as he departs.

The guy storms back, and now he will just take what he wanted in the first place. He straps her hard over a trestle, fastens her to an ‘X’ frame and whips her exposed front. He then strings her up by the wrists, so he can whip 360 degrees.

It occurred to us this game was all part of his original fee, but it didn’t do the job for us.

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