Secretaries – OHHTEEKAY

18 Sep

M/2f; year: 1998; time: 42 minutes

Opening credits indicate this film was released in conjunction with REDSTRIPE, but it does not have any of the feel of an Ivor Gold production. The spankings here are much more severe, and the erotic overtones are more evident.

Two very attractive secretaries have messed up a contract at the law firm ‘Dent,Wilson,and Dent.’ Both the girls tell us in opening narration that “in this company, you get punished, hard.” Mr. Dent lectures the girls, blond ‘Miss Taylor’ and curly brunette ‘Miss Sullivan.’
“You know what happens to employees who make such serious mistakes….I will meet you in the board room at the end of the day. You know what that means.”

FADE to the board room. Dent greets the girls. Brunette Sullivan will be spanked first, OTK, in a slow and erotic preparation ritual. Dent knows what he is doing and Sullivan knows what’s coming. After a short spanking, “Stand up and take these off yourself.” She’s got a tattoo on her right buttock which attracts the camera. Sullivan to Taylor: “I don’t know what you’re laughing at. You’re next.”

Blond Taylor is next. She is tall and smoking hot–white blouse unbuttoned too far, hair up, librarian glasses, and a short black skirt Dent will observe doesn’t have to be turned up. He takes her knickers down immediately, same spanking, good overhead shots.

Sullivan’s turn again, over the conference table, pants down, a stiff and hard thin strap elicits gasps on every stroke. Taylor gets the same–she is reluctant to get into position after what she has seen.

Dent has explained that every story has a “beginning, middle, and ending.” The ending has come–the cane. To Sullivan: “Take your skirt off.” “Why?” Over the table again, after Dent warms her with slaps, she takes more than 12 strokes, white lines ladder her buttocks.

Taylor again, she too objects to taking off her skirt, and does take off her glasses. Warm up, then 15 strokes. Then an extra six for each girl, realistic grunts.

The girls prepare to leave but then suddenly must bend over again. Dent decides they have had enough (which probably means the cameraman signaled the tape was done), and they go.

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