She’ Got No Right – REDSTRIPE

19 Sep

F/2f; year: 1999; time: 35 minutes

Two schoolgirls wait in a classroom for ‘Miss Parker.’ Blond ‘Samantha’ wears a plaid uniform skirt, and brunette ‘Trudy’ a more conservative uniform. The girls have been sent here yet again; they are always in trouble. This film was released in conjunction with ‘British,’ but was made on the REDSTRIPE set, with the Ivor Gold fingerprints evident.

Miss Parker arrives, an actress appearing occasionally for REDSTRIPE, not the CalStar Miss Parker. Trudy will be spanked first, “thirty slaps” OTK. Knickers down, bruising early. Samantha seems both amused and shocked as she watches. Samantha goes OTK next, kickers down, same

Miss Parker leaves the room to get her paddle and cane. When she returns, the girls move a classic heavy wooden vaulting platform into the center of the room. Trudy and Samantha bend over it in opposite directions from Miss Parker to move between them with a leather strap.

It becomes very quiet in the room, because it is time for the cane. Trudy first, she takes 15 strokes-sniffles, realistic cries, repeats, good facial shots up from the floor, because the girls must be bent nearly double over this vault.

Samantha’s turn. “I don’t want to.” About a dozen. “Swap places”; Trudy takes 14, extra because she tries to get up. 12 for Samantha–“Don’t give me that look.” When the girls are dismissed, Samantha mutters “She’s Got No Right,” which earns her at least 18 more strokes. In all, about 30 for Trudy and 40 for Samantha, a surprising punishment after such a tepid start.

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