The Strapping of Her Life – NUWEST NWV-295

19 Sep

F/f; time: 21 minutes;

Actress ‘Vanna,’ a little improbable in schoolgirl outfit, and whose acting here will make you shiver, will strap a familiar tall blonde.

“Are you ready for the strapping of your life?…position yourself over the box.”

The tall girl is fully dressed, in a dark skirt and jacket. She bends over the box, Vanna fastens her wrists and ankles, then rucks up her skirt and pulls down her white panties. She is ready.

Vanna will use a large razor strop, whipping, circling, scolding, for the rest of the film. Strop-shaped marks develop. Hard and slow strapping; overhead shots, facials, full rear, profiles.

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