Detention House 2 – Justice For Nobody – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

21 Sep

M/4f; time: 35 minutes

A film which pushed us a little too far. For our tastes, it is a bit weird and severe, and it lacks the subtle strain of humor Lupus often injected into the plot, lest we get too immersed in the story. Four girls at the reform school are delivered to the headmaster by a nun. The set is a large dormitory–concrete floors and walls, metal beds, minimal mattresses. Stark stuff.

The girls wear blue pinafore uniforms. They have been caught “cuddling,” and more. The smarmy headmaster (actor ‘Josef Muller’) wants them to show him how they touched each other. This should get him what he wants. A blonde with pigtails is the first to be forced to strip naked. A brunette must caress her and show the Head how she did it, but she is tentative and frightened. The girls know what goes on in this room.

The remaining three girls strip naked. They are each going to get “50 lashes.” First they must pee in a bucket in a dark corner. The headmaster doesn’t want any messes. A uniformed matron comes to the door and learns what the headmaster will need. She returns with leather wrist and ankle cuffs.

The girls lie on their backs on their bunks. Their wrists are cuffed to the head frame, then their legs are pulled over their heads and their ankles manacled beside their wrists. Their buttocks are pulled tight in this posture. and to say that their charms are fully exposed is an understatement.

The Head asks the women to leave, but before she goes the nun asks how many strokes the girls are going to get and seems actually relieved that the number is only 50. Before the Head begins his punishment, he asks the girls if they are still virgins. He actually probes each girl, to discover that they are not, although each was when she was admitted.

He will spank each girl with a heavy ruler. The strokes are mild, and the results seem a bit enhanced, but the girls squeal and struggle. The bruises are familiar for a ruler or paddle.

After the vicious spankings are complete, the nun and matron place plastic under the girls and spread a caustic goop on their bottoms and privates. The squirming begins and is the best part of the film. They will spend the night on their backs in this condition.

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