Take Those Off, Put These On – OHHTEEKAY/REDSTRIPE

22 Sep

MF/2f; year: 1996; time: 58 minutes

Blond ‘Susan’ returns home and her husband ‘Jeff’ confronts her immediately, with a fistful credit card and other bills. Her excuses are benign, “Is there some other way?” (to settle this).

“A friend of mine runs a correction service. I can send you.” Jeff calls his friend ‘Dave.’

FADE. Susan has arrived at the establishment of ‘Mr. Parsons.’ “You will call me ‘sir.'” He hands her a schoolgirl uniform to put on. “But I’m a grown woman.” “That’s what you will be wearing all this week.” Nice humiliation. Susan proceeds to undress and change in front of him and doesn’t seem to mind showing her body. She is a hot one–wearing a teddy undergarment, showing him everything, big boobs. Maybe she thinks it will soften her punishment.

She puts on white panties, sleeveless gymslip, no bra, knee socks, white blouse, dark skirt, necktie. “..the way it’s going to be for the next week.” A nice thought, having Susan for punishment for the next week. A daily routine.

More naughty implications; Parsons calls in ‘Elaine’ (Barbie Mel), a younger blonde who is going to act as Susan’s “prefect” for the week. Elaine herself is in schoolgirl kit, with her hair in two adolescent ponytails. Susan is made to go OTK with Elaine; she is not to happy about having to ‘obey’ this younger girl. “You can’t do this to me.” Panties down for the starting spanking, then “Bend over the desk. I’m in charge!” Elaine uses the paddle, then it is time for Susan to bend over and touch toes.

Elaine is going to cane her. Panties down, about 10 mild strokes before Susan is sent to the corner. Parsons comes in, checks Susan’s bottom, and he is not satisfied with the severity of the punishment.

He takes Susan OTK again, then adds another 6 mild strokes of the cane. Elaine is enjoying Susan’s discomfort.

But now Parsons turns on Elaine. “You need to be punished.” We’d like to imagine that Elaine has been sent to the correction service also. You are student for part then prefect-student for part, but you still will be spanked for anything Parsons can conjure. He takes her OTK, panties down. Over the desk for a paddle; and then the cane, touch-toes for 20 strokes, also not very hard, counted aloud, extras for jumping up.

Two girls in the corner. “Get your skirts up, panties down! Rub.” Parsons is going to have to do something else with his day, work in the garden or something.

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