Julia’s Girls-Lacey – NUWEST

23 Sep

F/f; year: 1998; time: 18 minutes

Another rousing addition to this series; one is better than the next. We have not watched them in any sort of order. ‘Lacey’ is a very thin little brunette in a simple white knit dress, with a slim body and small buttocks, but she has a lot of guts, we will see.

The setting is the empty sound stage, a chair and a medical gurney. “Young lady, I’m going to give you a spanking, then an enema, and then I have something special planned.” Actress ‘Julia Jameson,’ powerful and domme-like here, flashes us one of her lascivious smiles. She wasn’t much of an actress, but a terrific performer.

First, OTK for Lacey, a fast and hard spanking on her tiny bottom, on the dress and then on pantyhose. She quickly kneels up on the gurney. There is an enema trolley. Pantyhose down, silence on the set, Julia hurriedly inserts the nozzle without preparation or lube. Lacey begins to fidget. “What’s the matter, Missy, not so enjoyable?” Julia laughs at Lacey’s little gasps and massages her abdomen.

Lacey is let up, but of course must squirm from foot to foot while she begs to be allowed to run to the bathroom. This scene was not so realistic as some enema portrayals from NW, but the best is coming.

FADE to a sparsely furnished bedroom setup. Lacey sits naked and waiting. Julia enters with a strap-on dildo we haven’t seen before–rubberized flesh-colored panties with a curved monster attached. Your first thought for little Lacey–impossible! Closeups of the curved dildo.

In closeup, Julia slides on a condom, very practiced fingers. Lacey sucks it, a really full mouth, a ‘deep throat’ scene. “Lick it, get it all wet,” some vapid dirty talk and wicked laughs from Julia, but she will deliver.

Lacey climbs on the bed and Julia goes into action, doggy-style. “You’ve got the tightest little pussy…you’re a nasty little creature.” Poor angles off the end of the bed, but some obliques suggest she might have penetrated.

Lacey rolls onto her back, legs in the air, squishing, bed squeaks, and better camera angles. We’re convinced. Lacey raises her hips, Julia holds both her legs with one hand diaper-style, and rams her about as effectively as we have seen at NW.

Another doggy position, this time on the side of the bed to give the camera a profile; onto her back again here, Julia bangs away. It is difficult to imagine these are not some of Julia’s personal high moments. Lacey shouts “come!” and they roll over into the doggy position for conclusion, then collapse in each other’s arms.

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