Punishment Squad – CALSTAR

26 Sep

2M/2f; time: 37 minutes

A cute premise for spankings; two cute brunettes, ‘Michelle’ and ‘Eunice,’ discuss their financial straits and decide to fake a robbery for the insurance proceeds. They mess up their apartment, then call the police to report the break-in. This is an old film, available on ‘SpankingForPleasure’s’ website.

Two police officers arrive, ‘Ernie’ and actor ‘Michael Dawes.’ After a brief investigation, the officers are suspicious. The pretty girls provide frequent closeup facials, as they agonize over their predicament and the ruse. The officers discuss the situation in their car. When the girls are threatened with insurance fraud and a trip to the station house, they confess. They probably figure they can get out of this with sexual favors, but they don’t know what’s coming.

Stunning full facials of curly brunette Michelle; “We deliver very stern punishment…right, sergeant, you’ll have to go to the car and get the kit.” “What kit?” ask the girls. Ernie returns and spreads a sheath of paddles and canes on the coffee table. Dawes’ dialogue is mostly off-screen. He must be operating the camera.

Ernie takes Michelle OTK first; she squirms delightfully as Ernie works down her purple slacks and bunches her pink panties. “You filthy pig,” she shouts and squeals, which probably just motivates Ernie. Michelle dutifully keeps her abundant hair off her face, so the camera can catch those glamorous shots. Dawes instructs Ernie to pull down her panties. “You fucking pervert.”

Dawes hands Ernie the “black number,” a small paddle. Michelle next kneels up for a riding crop. The intensity is increasing.

Brunette ‘Eunice’ is taken OTK next; the routine is the same, her black slacks come down, then the white panties, for a handspanking, paddle, and crop. She bruises more than Michelle, and there is a lovely tussle on the couch.

“Strip off, you two.” “No!” After a discussion about a trip to the station house, the clothes start coming off. The girls keep their backs to the camera. “Shy, aren’t they?” Well, maybe, but this is a CP film. The guys finish the girls by pulling down their panties themselves.

The girls kneel side by side on the couch for some handspanking before we move to the cane. The girls get up and are told to face us for the obligatory frontal–two full brunette bushes.

Both kneel on the couch again together. Ernie does the caning–a dozen mild strokes for Eunice, but her pale skin welts quickly; the same for Michelle. Dawes steps over to the two bottoms to do one of his close inspections. “It’s coming up nice,” observes Ernie. These detectives spank girls often. Michelle gets a few more strokes. Close with pretty facials.

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