29 Sep

F/2f; year: 1998; time: 39 minutes

We keep finding these films where there is an affiliation between REDSTRIPE and OHHTEEKAY better than straight REDSTRIPE films. The reason here might be the presence of a young and svelte ‘Miss Brown.’

Miss Brown has two schoolgirls ready to be dealt with, redhead ‘Chanelle,’ and a boyish ingénue ‘Sarah.’ The girls have been caught in an advanced Lesbian embrace, and it appears Miss Brown will beat it out of them, while indulging in her own predilections. Camera angles in this film will occasionally be from below–upskirt for all three women.

Miss Brown bends the girls over their desks, in opposite directions. Skirts up, Chanelle wears white knickers and Sarah dark blue. Brown pulls both pair down and begins handspanking. On the wall in the background is a large collection of video tapes, a treasure trove of CP shoots, we’d guess.

Sarah seems to suffer most. The girls object, then take off their skirts on order. Both girls get a leather paddle, while they beg. Brown runs her hands slowly over the girls’ bottoms, almost letting her fingers into the gaps. Chanelle breaks down a little. “I hate this school!” She is made to sit half-naked on the floor.

Sarah is sent outside. Chanelle is first for the cane. Panties down again. 15 strokes of the cane; Sarah is called in to see the work-in-progress at 6 strokes. Very distressing for her. She cringes as she watches. Brown gets in a fondle at 12.

Sarah’s turn over a desk. 12 strokes, and it would seem a bit harder. Sarah marks up more aggressively than Chanelle. When the girls bend over the desks for a bottom comparison, the difference is stark. Chanelle gets two more strokes for some cheeky remarks; another fondle from Brown. The girls dress and leave.

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