Discipline in Russia #8-Nakazanie – NETTLES

30 Sep

M/2f; time: 43 minutes

Typical improbable product from early NETTLES, at least by the number. Two pretty peasant-dressed girls sneak outside, strip off their clothes, and begin full lesbian activities on the lawn of the house. Broad daylight–the film is completely exterior.

The girls are caught buck naked on the lawn and marched inside. [a cat walks unconcerned through the shot, in front of the crew]. With the mother, father, and sister attending, the girls will be brought outside and whipped. ‘Fedor,’ the actor ‘Gerry Geroshvili,’ walks into the shot with three or four switches.

Brunette ‘Manka,’ a solid peasant-looking girl, is selected first and she lies lengthwise on a handy low bench, the usual posture for a NETTLES punishment. As the group stands in a semi-circle watching, Fedor lays on 46 strokes (his lottery number, we assume). Manka gets up halfway through, but musters the courage to lie down again. They torment her as she is whipped, and she develops the classic Russian stripes. She is allowed to run into the house.

The little blonde is next, her bottom rising invitingly in the center of the bench. She gets a full 64 strokes, why more strokes we don’t know, except that maybe she is so photogenic. She has to be held in place. She develops a full flush on her face and certainly seems to cry her way through the punishment.

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