Jennifer Whips Ass – NUWEST FD-348

30 Sep

F/m; time: 31 minutes

It is the Domme Jennifer Brooks, and the ass belongs to Ed Lee, we think. When the film opens, a girl in maid’s costume is fastening a man over a spanking trestle. Outside, Jennifer Brooks arrives on a horse and walks it in. She is tall and glamorous in riding habit and looks comfortable with the horse.

On the sound stage: “Well, well, if it isn’t my annoying groom?” The household maid has prepared him for his mistress. She circles and scolds, then begins a very hard cropping on his breeches.

At the 8 minute mark, the maid releases him, pulls down his breeches and shorts and refastens him. Jennifer continues the whipping on bare skin, very hard, eliciting some grunts.

Jennifer decides to take a break and steps over to the corner of the stage to change clothes. When she removes her blouse, she displays some magnificent breasts, which we don’t recall having the pleasure of seeing before. This moment can be the only purpose of the interlude. She puts on panties (the blouse is too long to see much), garter belt, and stockings, skirt. heels, and returns to Lee, dressed for the outside world.

“Have you ever felt the cane? You will.” She gives him a nearly vicious caning, eliciting blood from his far buttock, where he always breaks down.

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