Jodie’s House of Whipping-Katerina – NUWEST

30 Sep

F/f; 25 minutes

Actress ‘Jodie Cline’ meets ‘Katerina,’ an exotic brunette pageboy. “I’m going to take you out to the garage and give you the whipping you want. “You’re volunteering, right?” “Yes.”

They walk to the familiar workroom NuWest used. “Take all your clothes off and put them on the table. Leave your panties and shoes on.” Stunning Katerina is soon down to a tiny white thong and flats.

Jodie cuffs her wrists and fastens them to a chain from the ceiling. As Katerina watches, Jodie selects a whip from the wall, circles the girl, pinches her nipples, and admires what she sees. “My, you are a cute one.” She begins whipping Katerina’s upper back, who remains quiet.

Most of the film is taken up with Jodie whipping, circling, and checking the developing stripes. Near the end of the film, Jodie lays a dozen or so strokes on Katerina’s buttocks. She is let down and they leave the garage together, Katerina naked, and Jodie patting her bottom, as if they are headed somewhere else.

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