Kelli-Raye Takes A Seat – NUWEST

30 Sep

F/m; year: 1997; time: 29 minutes

One of NuWest’s simplistic and predictable storylines, but somehow the actress ‘Kelli-Raye’ took us to another level. A guy is strapped down on a low bench on his back, a wedge cocks his hips, his ankles cuffed and strung up to a ceiling chain. He wears shorts only, more than some men we’ve seen in this posture.

Kelli-Raye prances on the set showgirl-like, in a white gauze body suit and white heels. Kelli bunches his shorts and begins slashing his butt and thighs with a martinet. After whipping, pacing, and scolding, Kelli straddles him and sits on his face. He looks docile. We are just beginning.

Thirteen minutes in, Kelli sits on a bench against the wall, as if she were in a locker room, and removes the body suit. She is down to just white satin panties and heels. She continues whipping. Her erect boobs are like headlights.

Kelli sits on the guy’s face again, in just panties. At 21 minutes, she walks and works her panties down like a stripper. After another session with the martinet–she is something to watch, totally naked, whipping up a storm.

Kelli sits on his face again, now naked, wiggling and adjusting, moving about. She is muttering some sexy talk we can’t decipher. Sexy closeups. She demands ‘Yes, ma’am” and “No ma’am” from him. It is difficult to tell if he is talking advantage of this–can’t see his face and his shorts never came off.

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