Obedience Training – STRICTLYENGLISH

30 Sep

M/f; year: 2010;time: 90 minutes

This film is found in segments on STRICTLYENGLISH’S website, the ‘Spanking Channel’ series, 2,3,and 4. We have had fun piecing the film together for purposes of review, but you will have to support the cause and go to the site yourself if you want to watch it.

A familiar Irish actor, ‘Angus,’ or ‘James Cameron,’ plays ‘Uncle James.’ The scene opens with actress ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ bent over, being lightly caned, obedience training for having allowed friends into her uncle’s house, who trashed the place. Bottom closeups of this glorious lady; 12 light strokes. She wears a white two piece outfit. Amelia is grounded for a week, and she claims “post traumatic stress,” a line only Ms. Rutherford can utter.

She goes upstairs and we have a long scene of her examining her bottom in a mirror. The film dissolves to a different angle on the same caning. Amelia asks him, “Is this a hobby for you?”

Amelia changes into a blue summer frock and calls her friend ‘Laura,’ the culprit who got drunk and messed up the house, and describes her little caning.

James hears Amelia on the phone, so he will take the correction in a different direction. He calls ‘Sir Richard,’ with whom he has a meeting scheduled. He will bring Amelia along with him. We will see that Richard has some special interests that James will exploit.

At Richard’s house, Amelia is put to doing some housework–an opportunity for upskirt shots and her to do some of her ‘attitude.’ James spanks her in front of Richard. “It hurts, and don’t say ‘it was meant to hurt.'” Bare bottom, hands on head, to the wall, her sullen face reflected in a mirror. Floor and wall mirrors appear throughout the film to enhance the views. Amelia sits on the floor, on her haunches, long-legged minx at rest, bare bottom always towards us, a provocative posture she inserts in many films. She is about 30 years old here, and still able to appear seventeen.

James has to leave for work, and Amelia is not keen about being left alone with Richard, having his hands on her. Having her pants off for an uncle is one thing, but… “This is white slavery,” she protests. Richard makes her go to work dusting on her knees, “bottom well out.” When he touches bare skin, she jumps. She towers a good 6″ above this little actor, making her bottom disproportionately enormous, and greatly enhancing the eroticism.

Richard continues to torment her while he is in charge. She has to stand against the wall and trap a coin with her nose, bottom out. He spanks her with a kitchen spoon. She drops the coin. “Ow, fuck.” “I beg your pardon.”

Richard continues to torment Amelia. She must take off her dress and is wearing only cute white lace bikini panties, direct, we presume, from her panty warehouse. She kneels on her haunches again–everything she does is meant to accent her lithe body.

Now we see Richard is our kind of pervert. He puts currant berries in a bowl on the floor and Amelia must bend forward from a kneeling position, knees spread for balance, to move them one by one to another bowl from the stool, creating the anticipated scenic views. He pulls her panties to her thighs. We doubt there has been a finer view of this actress. Amelia stands for some more spanking, flashing an infrequent frontal.

This test completed, she objects to being taken OTK again. “I don’t want spanking all day.” But that is the point. Panties down again. “No!” “Yes, not ‘no.'”

Amelia calls Richard “Uncle Freak,” and laughs, her knickers down yet again. She says she is now ready to move to the next obedience test.

Richard continues with Amelia. She is naked on the floor, on all fours, and made to crawl, urged on by a riding crop. He has rolled marbles around for her to fetch. Richard doesn’t like her attitude. She sits on a transparent plastic chair, a captivating and erotic touch we haven’t see before. Next, hands-on-head, crop in her mouth, doggy obedience. She will select an obedience act to show James when he returns. She selects the chair, but “Let’s make sure your bottom’s nice and red so he can see it.” More riding crop over a stool.

A fast spanking OTK, “a nice red bottom for Uncle James.” Richard wants the bottom even redder, more spanking. We leave her sitting in the clear plastic chair waiting for James.

The Finale appears on ‘Spanking Channel 4.’ FADE back to Amelia with Richard still on her case. Richard speaks to James on the phone, who requests she given “a thorough bedtime spanking.” Amelia is appalled that she must spend the night here. Things can happen. She is walking around the room, knickers rolled at her upper thighs, fuzz peeking out. In some films, a girl would offer a blowjob right here to get off the hook, but we don’t do that in British CP.

FADE back to Amelia, coming out of the shower in just a towel, another girly scene, of which we can never get enough. Richard will send her to bed early “after your spanking.” She squeals through an OTK spanking, the sexy towel being pulled back. He peeks underneath as if surprised by the magnificence.

“The Next Day” James has returned and is caning Amelia, back in her working housedress, a mirror enhancing the facials. A dozen on the bare, Richard witnessing. “Exemplary, James.” Both men fondle and share Amelia’s bottom, laughing lasciviously, as the film ends. Their little bauble.

A trailer is added, when Amelia sits, getting mostly naked as she chats, with the ‘Chsrlie’ character behind the camera, about the eroticism of spanking films and some future plot ideas. Look at her oeuvre, there are many to expand on. Is there a PO box where we can send our suggestions?

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