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31 Oct

M/f; time: 54 minutes

Actress ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ acts out “four more of her own fantasies” in Volume #8 of the Rutherford STRICTLYENGLISH series. As in most of this series, she narrates the action and changes clothes on the set. She puts a very short silk robe and plays “a niece visiting her uncle in London.”

Uncle James wakes Amelia, sleeping late. She doesn’t want to go job hunting. James explains the house is run according to “my rules.” He begins spanking her on the bed, little white panties. Her normal squeals, and a very nice “Oh, my God, no!” when her knickers come down.

Amelia reluctantly sets herself with pillows under her hips for the slipper on the bed, writhing nicely. After this session, one of her typical nude posings. She lies on the bed, musing about the experience, takes off her little robe, and spanks herself.

In the next part of this fantasy, Amelia pulls on the naughtiest of purple panties, designed to entice her Uncle James. Next comes a slinky black gown. She intends to go out for the evening. James challenges her appearance. She claims just to be going to “Starbucks.” He is surprised by her outfit and wants to see what she wears underneath. Skirt up, “right up!” He is suitably shocked by the purple knickers. Amelia admits she is going to a strip club–she has to make some money!

He is going to spank her again. OTK, panties down. “I’m dying. Do something else. I want another kind of punishment.” “Take your knickers off.” He will do something else. He takes off his belt. Amelia accuses him of being a sick pervert. “I feel sorry for you.”

Upstairs to change clothes again, more bottom-check in the mirrors and nudie scene. She narrates the next part of this fantasy–the belt was to have added a “domestic” touch. The bath brush is the next implement She will take a bath this time. More nudie scenes, including very impressive closeups, bottom and frontal, with the mirror.

James bursts into the tub scene, which is a bit silly and repetitive. She is spanked in a squealing, splashing struggle. She feigns horror when she sees the brush and tries to bargain the number of strokes. Another reference to how James’ house is out of a “Dickens novel.”

A memorable nudie scene to conclude as Amelia examines the authentic circular bruises and gives us the full wet-bottom show.

Secretarie’s Ordeal – CALSTAR

30 Oct

F/f; time: 31 minutes

We were warned, the spelling of the title alerted us to this American minefield ahead. A brunette secretary sits at her desk, nothing more than a portable folding card table and a laptop. To be fair, this is the only kind of ‘desk’ which would have provided leg shots.

Her brunette female boss, no better of an actress than the secretary, is upset with her work and will spank her over the table, while she must stare at the errors. The boss uses a paddle on her slacks.

FADE to a new scene–the secretary is in trouble again. She is bent over the table, skirt up, polka dot panties, soon down, a strap. Nose into the laptop (a nice one) to see her mistakes.

The last spanking scene–in another room, the secretary will get the cane. She grabs her ankles without bending her knees, the only impressive move in the film. Panties down, handspanking, strap, and cane. Nobody hurt here except us.

Jane’s Climactic Spanking – NUWEST

30 Oct

M/f; Time: 18 minutes

The tile studio again where producer Ed Lee likes to perform these ‘climactic’ spankings and whippings, where he brings the lady to orgasm. Lee comes on stage in his bathrobe. Jane is already positioned on the shadow box and strung up to a spreader bar. She is a slightly older brunette, with conservative short hair. She wears a black top and a long white skirt, which is tight and thin enough to see the trace of bikini panties.

She is loosely enough fastened to be able to struggle sexily. Lee begins with his martinet and soon pulls down her skirt, a bit of a challenge because it is tight and Jane has the hips. She wears shiny satin white bikini panties. Lee will alternately whip her and frig through her panties. Great closeups.

Plenty of facials; Jane looks mildly uncomfortable with Ed whipping, fondling, and frigging her, but she must contend with the arousal. Halfway through the film, Lee pulls down her panties. Her bottom is nicely red already and she is a bit aroused. In the background, as Lee steps back to get something out of a refrigerator, we see another partially dressed girl in the mesh cage on the set, a classic B&D prop, girl-in-a-cage.

Lee spanks and frigs hard, using two hands. Jane twists in his grasp. A long slow closeup and Lee massages her vagina. Finally, a shadow box shot up between her legs from the floor. At the end, Jane seems to climax and collapse her posture. This was one of the better ‘climactic’ films, because Jane is a plausible submissive, apart from the mold of the NuWest cast.


30 Oct

2M/f; time: 1 hour 25 minutes

An AMELIA JANE RUTHERFORD storyline found on three of her ‘Volumes’ on STRICTLYENGLISH. We pieced them together here for review. She is acting out spanking fantasies of hers.

In Volume #4, the statuesque 6’2″ blond model/actress wears her hair in short curls, we assume a wig, because her precious long hair keeps appearing in the series. She has brought a suitcase to change into enticing spanking outfits. She strips naked in front of a full mirror and slips into little red panties which she likes as much as we do. “Very nice,” she says. She puts on a little skirt and top, “I’m nervous again.”

Downstairs, the regular bald STRICTYENGLISH actor ‘Richard’ plays the stern master. “So, you’re back again Amelia…for a spanking. You must have liked it.” He demands she articulate her fantasies “concerning discipline…I need three fantasies…so we can play them on film.” To encourage her, he grabs her and begins spanking her OTK. She kneels on the couch, panties down, making eye contact. Her first fantasy–two men spank her, and her bottom is a detached thing unto itself, the object of the exercise. Richard will need a colleague to act this one out, and so will do it later.

On to the second fantasy–she is to be punished unfairly and forced to hold painful positions. After more bare bottom spanking encouragement, she confesses she has no third fantasy. They start with Number 2, the easiest, and she goes upstairs to change again. We’d like to say, right here, we wish we could play out OUR fantasies ‘concerning discipline’ with her.

Amelia’s third fantasy will be played out in Volume #5. She changes into a shortie nightie with side slits, and bikini panties. When he sees her, “Get yourself in here now!” Hands-on-head, she stands, he pulls her pants down and begins smacking her. Ms. Rutherford can present her bottom in many appealing postures. Standing tall is one of them.

One uncomfortable posture: Amelia sits on a couch, wiggles to the edge, and throws her legs up into the diaper position. She is able to hold her legs straight and vertical without supporting them. Uncomfortable for sure, but very athletic, and something few actresses could do. Her disciplinarian spanks her and flogs her thighs in this posture. Ms. Rutherford never takes her knickers off in this most revealing of all positions. She spreads her legs into a ‘V’ so her striking facing can be seen during the spanking.

Amelia stands again. More smacks. “Fuck!” Legs wide, panties down and tight at her knees. The next position–touch-toes; for Mr. Rutherford this means palms on the floor, for the slipper and a rare pussy wink.

This fantasy completed, Amelia returns to the dressing room to change for the two-men scene. Good nude scenes as she selects polka dot bra and panties, describing the delicious feeling of shopping for clothes with other customers who don’t know her motives. If they only knew!

In Volume #8, ‘James’ joins Richard. This will be “Amelia Jane’s Grand Finale.” Her fantasy is–she is to punished by the two men for damaging a car. She enters the room in another naughty little outfit meant for indoors. Immediately, she bends over the back of a recliner, perfect for her tall frame, little red panties wink out. Her bottom is there for display as the men discuss the punishment.

Panties down, Richard starts with a martinet. “Fuck you!” screams Amelia as the men continue.
The men shift to a cane and take turns, mostly little snaps, which add up for her. The men pause to admire the pink object that is her bottom.

The men leave her bent-over to contemplate, a common B&D scenario. She fights the posture, checks the marks on her bottom, but manages to be in position when Richard returns.
They hug, he fondles her buttocks of course–no one ever misses the chance, and he sends her off. She returns, bare bottom up the stairs, to the dressing room. Another nudie scene with the wall of mirrors.

Madame LEK Severe Punishment – NUWEST

29 Oct

F/2f; time: 28 minutes

A film made in Thailand, according to the graphics. It does not have the standard NuWest feel. ‘Madame Lek’ is scolding her niece ‘Adung,’ who sits in shame like a schoolgirl in front of the Madame’s desk.

The girl strips to just panties and knee socks. Madame takes her OTK and pulls her panties down immediately. A hard handspanking ensures, including the use of a very nasty-looking hairbrush. The Madame switches to a cleverly short cane, which solves the swing problem in this OTK position. At the conclusion the girl falls on her knees, pleading.

FADE to a new scene with the Madame, who, at the end of the film, will be advertised as available for disciplinary sessions. ‘Talap’ is her personal assistant and made a scheduling error which caused the Madame huge personal humiliation and embarrassment. Talap will be punished “severely,’ say the graphics, which have assisted us through the foreign language.

Talap hangs her head as she is scolded, then submissively strips naked, hanging her clothes on a clothes tree on the set. Very sexy. Madame ties the naked girl, wrists and ankles, to a padded vaulting horse. The scene takes some time, bondage being part of the show.

Madame will use the run-up technique of caning, running across the room to slash each stroke, about 15 in all. The scene is comic in that Madame is wearing platform heels, which clatter on the set–we hear her purposefully get in position then run to make the stroke. Would stealthy steps have been more erotic?

The girl begins to scream and cry after the first stroke, quite different than the racquet made in a British or Czech film. And authentic, we thought. As usual, the girl’s far buttock takes the worst beating.

The girl is released, she kisses the cane, and falls to her knees to kiss the Madame’s boots.

Jacque’s Painful Punishment – NUWEST

29 Oct

F/f; time: 19 minutes

The actress ‘Jacque’ made a series of films where she takes long and good punishment. Here, there is a storyline. ‘Vanna’ plays a professional disciplinarian who receives a call. Jacque has been having sex with the husband of the caller, and the woman wants Jacque dealt with. Vanna calls ‘Dave’ on the intercom. It is the voice of Ed Lee. She gives him Jacque’s address. He asks, “punishment room or attic?” She is to be brought to the “punishment room” tonight. Vanna asks that the full “crew of six” be present.

FADE to the punishment room, the sound stage. Jacque is strung up naked, spreader bars at wrists and ankles, and a blindfold and ball gag. Vanna enters. “Well, what do we have here?” She removes the blindfold and gag, ignores the vapid protesting, picks up a martinet, and goes to work on Jacque’s back and bubble butt. A long whipping, lots of squealing and gasping. Vanna suspects Jacque is enjoying this. Vanna releases her.

After another FADE. we assume the ‘crew’ fastened Jacque over the tilted box. Vanna will alternately whip her and frig her. again ignoring the meaningless protests.

Tutors Methods – CALSTAR

28 Oct

F/2f; time: 58 minutes

American studio tries to replicate the angry tutor, dealing with her students.

Ihe first student to face the female is a chunky brunette, who plaid uniform skirt is carefully pinned to expose white panties. While she looks at a map of the world and is quizzed on geography questions, the tutor smacks her bottom. Panties down, OTK for a yard stick. Not much happens. Next a strap then a fiberglass cane. This is a little harder, but no one’s feelings are hurt here.

A second student, a blonde, gets the same treatment, some tears, the caning is hardest, but still unimpressive.