2 Oct

M/2f; year: 2010; time: 26 minutes

A professor sits at his desk, plays with his model sailboat, and dreams about an upcoming trip to the beach. The film contains the dreams of several actors. A redhead (actress ‘Ester Slaba’) lies in bed, reading boring poetry and dozes, dreaming of having sex with her professor. The next scene shows Ester undressing and having her breasts caressed on his desk.

Another blond student, (actress ‘Terezine’)drinking and vomiting, dreams of a purging spanking. Dressed as a schoolgirl, she is spanked over the professor’s desk, a solid perfect bottom so typical of the Lupus cast.

We think we have the plot figured out. The two girls, Ester and Terezine, will alternately seduce the professor to obtain a good score on an exam. Ester knocks on his door first; she bends over his desk and takes a fierce spanking with the Spencer paddle, the full complement of nasty marks and bruises we have seen before.

She leaves his office in tears( but might have been the lucky one); Ester is next to enter. She gives the professor some knowing smiles and begins to undress. Blouse off, bra off–a wonderful sight. In just skirt, she falls to her knees and expertly opens the professor’s pants and begins a practiced blowjob. He is already excited.

Ester takes off the rest of her clothes and bends over the desk. As the professor gets ready with the Spencer paddle, he thinks better of it, and proceeds to fuck her hard on the desktop as she lies on her stomach. The actress jerks when he enters her and seems at least theatrically uncomfortable, resigned, and submissive as the professor gives her a thorough ramming. She has to hang on. There is a cum shot, and Ester looks smugly proud.

Cut to the professor’s beach scene. He gets his fun everywhere.

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