2 Oct

M/f; time: 47 minutes

A working film, complete, found on STRICTLYENGLISH’s ‘Spanking Channel #7.’ The scene opens with an actress, just having been caned, receiving a gentle baby oil treatment from the spanker. It is a familiar actress, who we will soon meet out of character, as ‘Susi.’

“15 Minutes Earlier”: It is none other than ‘Ivor Gold’ doing the caning. He is working over two girls, a blonde, and Suzi, the premise being they are his employees and he is disciplining them. Both girls are well-endowed, which highlights the bend-overs Gold likes to use. [answering machines and phones keep ringing on the set] He canes them both, alternating 6 strokes. Suzi seems to gasp more realistically than we usually see.

While Gold takes a phone call, the girls dress slowly, more nudie stuff, informal out-of-character conversation. There follows a long non-story conversation with Suzi, Gold, and the crew, about her spanking CP film work. She had recently made a film, which we found distributed by REDSTRIPE, called ‘Take Those Off, Put These On,” which we have reviewed.Suzi  plays a wife who can’t control her spending and is sent to a punishment specialist.Suzi claims that it was her first film spanking–she was a (spanking) virgin. They pop the video cassette in and we watch scenes.

Suzi says she didn’t know what exactly to expect; each phase of the spanking was worse. The paddle was bad, but the cane was worst. Gold likes to talk to her about spanking. Suzi admits that, after making these CP films, a little spanking has spiced up her sex life.

Gold concludes this informal interview with another display of the wheals on her bottom; then she opens her jacket and flaunts her impressive boobs, a very entertaining conclusion. Suzi is not unfamiliar with the thrill of flashing her breasts and is quite good at it.

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