Amelia’s Second Audition – STRICTLYENGLISH

3 Oct

M/f; year: 2006

A film serialized in Amelia Jane Rutherford’s series of volumes at STRICTLYENGLISH.

Part 1 (in Volume #2): The film is a mechanism for semi-nude performances by Ms. Rutherford. We see her changing clothes in preparation for a spanking film audition, talking to another girl. Amelia creeps downstairs in a white blouse and very short plaid skirt, feigning nerves.

FADE to the audition scene itself. Amelia lies on a couch, her 6’2″ body appearing to be all legs. She gets up and teases a male actor, who is trying to read a newspaper. “OK, that’s it,” he declares. “What’s going to happen now?” She goes OTK, her skirt flips up by itself to expose red lace panties worn with the usual elan. Ms. Rutherford reserves for knickers.

Amelia stands and bends over, the guy pulls her panties down. He maneuvers her into what is called the “wheelbarrow” position. The red panties have been restored. Ms. Rutherford does not participate in the gynecological shots which derive from this spanking position.

After a bit more spanking, the audition ends and they actors hug. Back upstairs, bottom shot as she goes.

Part 2 (in Volume #3): The wheelbarrow position continues, those red lace panties. “Now have you learned your lesson?” Amelia goes back upstairs, and we go through more nudie scenes as discusses these auditions with an off-screen female. She puts on an “Army hat” and a minimal top and skirt, takes a cane, and goes downstairs.

She plays a part as a soldier-driver. “My job’s so stressful.” The man takes the cane away from her and has her kneel on the couch for six strokes. After more spanking, to the corner. “Nose to the wall, bottom out.” She tries to act insulted.

The guy will have her exercise in just little white panties–we keep amending the list of our favorite Rutherford scenes. Add this one. Touch-toes, star jumps, jog, bicycle. More spanking with the slipper, a lot of posing in just these tiny panties. How does she stay in such shape?

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