Crying Shame – CALSTAR

3 Oct

F/2f; year: 2001; time: 46 minutes

Three showgirl-type actresses live together and have a relationship, well, read on.

The girls have packed for a holiday trip. It looks like they are almost at the point of waiting for their limo to the airport. The brunette of the group suddenly can’t find her passport. There is a hulabaloo among the girls. They are going to lose their 2000 pd deposit.

One blonde seems to control the group. “Get your pants off!” The brunette is spanked very hard, in just a thong. “Oh, shit, fuck…it hurts.” Nevertheless, the girl is quite obedient and submissive. She stands, pulls down her thong, and bends over the couch for the black CALSTAR paddle. Her bottom is fully red. The rest of her clothes come of–she’s got a few tattoos and some unshaved bush. More of the black paddle and then the floppy strap. Loud cracks echo in the high-ceiling’d great room.

The blond Domme will now use the cane in an unusual sequence in our experience. All of forty strokes are shown, repeats from various angles, detectable by external noises, and there appears to be an actual thunderstorm underway. There is a cut-in shot of rain on the windows. The brunette is quivering. The third roommate, another blonde, ‘Tina,’ is peeking from upstairs and seems to get getting some pleasure out of watching her friend get a whipping.

Since Tina appears. she has found the passport! How long has she had it, while the spanking was going on? But it seems Tina has lost her own passport and thought this one was hers. It is Tina’s turn to drop her pants.

She gets the same handspanking and paddling, getting naked, and it turns her on. She plays with her own melon breasts. Her caning is just as lengthy–40 strokes also (repeats).

We’re sure they can change their flights when they find that passport.

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