Spanking Big ‘E’ #3 – CALSTAR

3 Oct

F/2f; time: 52 minutes

An American ‘BJ Frazier’ film; we have generally been disappointed and stayed clear of this Big ‘E’ series. We get our enemas from NUWEST and LUPUS/RIGIDEAST. But this one is better than the other Big ‘E’ films we have seen, as are the spankings.

School mistress ‘Erzebet’ has sent for students ‘Ophelia’ and ‘Leanne,’ who stop to sneak a smoke in the shrubbery to screw up their courage before they report. Leanne tells Ophelia it is going to be worse this time.

Miss E. routes them out of the bushes, marches them into her office, sends Ophelia out to wait, and turns her guns on Leanne. Over the desk, school skirt up, smacking on blue panties. OTK for a small hard paddle the size of two playing cards, panties down, then a very American polished oak wood paddle on a round feminine bottom. Afterward, she is sent to get Ophelia.

Long blond-haired Ophelia gets the same round of spankings; there is a tinge of lesbian attention from Miss E.

Both girls together for bottom check,  Ophelia is first to get the cane. Her bottom is harshly marked–we didn’t notice all that hard spanking. Miss E. gives her four hard cane strokes, all on the full length of the thighs, as she kneels on the couch. Nasty marks ripen before our eyes. We doubt CALSTAR would have taken the trouble to fake this. Ouch. She is sent off, we think because her bottom was just too sensitive to continue.

Leanne is next, a much fleshier set of cheeks. She takes about a dozen full strokes and any number of faux taps and feints. Very few marks. One stroke catches her on the buttocks crease and elicits a significant scream.

“I have something for you….follow me to my lab.” The ‘lab’ is a bathroom; Miss E. puts on rubber gloves and Leanne gets what is coming immediately. Nothing like rubber gloves. Miss E. makes her gaze at a black enema bag and hold the hose and nozzle while she fills and hangs it.

Miss Erzebet herself drops Leanne’s skirt and panties, slowly, and lubes a spear-shaped nozzle. CALSTAR didn’t chicken out with a little narrow tube. Miss E. works it in, and we can watch Leanne’s unhappy face in the vanity mirror. Water released; maybe Leanne’s belly is swelling. Handspanking. She is allowed on the toilet as the film concludes.

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