6 Oct

Another Amelia Jane Rutherford performance serialized on ‘The Spanking Channel.’

(Spanking Channel #6): Student Ms. Rutherford lolls on a couch, wearing a grey sweater and pink skirt. ‘Jack’ brings in a letter. Her Uncle James has written recommending she be disciplined–spanked, of course. As Ms. Rutherford moves around, her little skirt flares up, and she is all leg, as usual.

After a long discussion, Amelia decides she has no choice and accepts a spanking. After 11 minutes of discussion and tantalizing display, she slides OTK, skirt up, Jack takes her white panties down. She is a volunteer and cocks her bottom up on his lap, a specialty of hers. She mildly objects, “You’re doing it too fast.” A long, steady, conventional handspanking.

(Spanking Channel #7): Jack continues with the discipline of Amelia. She saunters into the room, and wants a deal, a trade. She will accept 20 spanks (Jack is quick to add, “on each cheek”) if she can be released to finish her thesis. Here, she is wearing a little summer dress, short of course, and a light sweater. OTK again, skirt up, black lace panties down. Jack starts spanking but Amelia doesn’t start the count, so, like in any good CP film, she fails to get credit.

There is a knock at the door. Neighbor ‘Brian’ comes in, complaining about the noise. He is invited to sit and watch the spanking, which infuriates Amelia. He doesn’t hesitate to make himself comfortable.

After some slippering, Amelia must stand at the door, skirt up, panties down, to display herself in front of the two men. As she protests and fidgets, she flashes wispy frontals.

(Spanking Channel #8): Amelia must continue standing at the door, bottom on display, and read the letter aloud which suggested she be spanked. More slippering, she turns in mock indignant anger, more frontals. Her theatrical protestations always add to the fun.

Apparently Uncle James sent a cane along with the letter. Before they get to this phase, the men want Amelia to make them some tea. She hopes this will delay and postpone the cane. In the kitchen, we have more glamour girly poses as she checks her bottom.

Back with the men and tea, they comment on her bottom. “It’s all about bottoms in this house, isn’t it?” This comment from her could more or less describe the whole catalogue of STRICTLYENGLISH and this part of Ms. Rutherford’s professional career, much to our pleasure.

After tea, Amelia will get 15 strokes. Brian has been invited to remain and watch. Dress up, touch-toes. At stroke #14 she drops to the floor. “Ow, fuck!” When she says, “I’m in extremis,” we are reminded again that in these British CP films, we find dialogue found nowhere else.

Because she can’t hold position, Jack increases the strokes to 24. Marks have appeared, including a few wild ones on her thighs. Kneeling closeups of Amelia are held while the men discuss with obvious satisfaction the fun they had.

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