Spanked Secretaries #1-Antonia – STRICTLYENGLISH

7 Oct

M/f; time: 53 minutes

A strong film from STRICTLYENGLISH, for us a touch more erotic and the spankings a bit more forceful. ‘Guy,’ an SE regular, has invited ‘Antonia’ to his house, apparently, we will see, for a ‘sleep-over.’ Antonia is a smoky brunette, lean and angular like Julia Roberts. She has sassed another employee, Janet, at Guy’s office and he wants to hear an apology from her.

He gives her a glass of wine. “What are you going to do, punish me?” He is going to spank her, treat her like a child. Her boyfriend spanks her. “Do what you like.” She is defiant about any sort of apology. She isn’t going to resist (because she brought her toothbrush). She kneels up on a chair and Guy starts a hard spanking on her skirt, harbinger of things to come. He almost knocks her off the chair.

“Lift your skirt.” Little red lace panties. The leather recliner she kneels on squeaks as he smacks. He wants that apology. “We’ve got all night, you know.”

FADE to a bedroom, where Antonia rests. Guy was hoping they could discuss the “five year plan” and spend a little time together. She looks at him with distain, but she is interested.

Antonia takes a nap. Guy bursts in, and spanks her with a slipper on the red panties. She is stubborn, sexy, and submissive. “Tomorrow, we’re going shopping.”

The next day the dispute continues and she is over the chair again for a strap. Into the kitchen for the obligatory wooden spoon over the counter. “Take down your pants.” “What?” On demand she pulls down her black thong, without much hesitation. A nice bottom you should pause with a moment.

FADE. Guy enters the bathroom, where Antonia is wrapped in a towel. He slaps his palm with a very impressive long-handled round bath brush. Antonia bends knowledgably over the sink, Guy flips up the towel, some nice cracks.

Back in the bedroom, Antonia drops her bathrobe and is naked. This is some weekend at Guy’s place. Bend-over for the paddle, hanging boobs, some puss, as she rests on her elbows.

Guy has a cane. Who doesn’t? She wonders where it came from. “It’s a hobby of mine.” He gives her just a few strokes. Her soft sexy dialogue is inaudible to us, but she is incentivizing him. “Get some rest, young lady. It’s going to be a long day tomorrow.”

FADE to the next day, Antonia is fully dressed again, and still refuses to apologize. Guy appears with a cane in the sitting room. A little table is out of place center-stage. Antonia quickly bends over it, keeping her knees locked so that her bottom is highest. Perfect. He begins a very long caning, almost 50 strokes shown. Small gasps, red marks, various angles, sexy talk. Does this mean you’ve given me as many as I deserve…give me six more,” she almost purrs.

Guy can’t keep going. “You win, Antonia.” HE apologizes and offers to take her home. “Go? Why should I want to go? I would have left ages ago.”

FADE; they smoke cigarettes in a probable après-sex posture. Antonia: “You really should be more careful what sites you go surfing on at work?” Guy, a stunned pause, “Anyone else know about this?” “Janet.”

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