Bad Headmaster – CALSTAR

8 Oct

MF/3f; time: 45 minutes

Not only “bad,” but enterprising and opportunistic, is this ‘headmaster.’ ‘Miss Miles,’ who will turn out to be a confederate, brings two girls to the Head, ‘Clarke’ and ‘Haight.’ They have committed various offenses and thus qualified themselves for a little scheme the Head and Miles seem to have cooked up.

“No point in any more verbal warnings…bring back the birch, is what I say!” Clarke, an attractive brunette who has dropped her pants on other CALSTAR films, can’t keep a straight face during the Head’s lines. She is the first to go OTK and can’t miss the signals. “I think you enjoy this, sir.” Skirt up, he spanks her on her regulation knickers. Haight can’t stop peeking from the wall. “Nice little pink cheeks,” observes the Head.

Haight gets the same; both girls retain their knickers this time, and are sent off. Immediately they ‘borrow’ Miss Miles’ car and head off giggling to a pub. The Head spots them and follows in a long exterior scene. The girls buy fruity drinks in the pub. How they got served–they wear blouses, ties, plaited skirts, and knee socks, we suspend judgment on.

The Head confronts them and tells them they need more severe punishment. Since the school does not permit it, “We’ll have to carry out the punishment elsewhere.” To Clarke, who again fights back a chuckle, “What are you smiling about?” The Head makes sure Miles’ car is secure, puts the girls in his car, then drives to Miles’ house, which is nearby. “Isn’t this a bit irregular, sir?”

Miss Miles is a home; she lets them him, thought her car had been stolen, and is eager, perhaps familiar, with the punishment the Head intends. Quickly, the girls kneel side by side on the couch, skirts up, and he begins spanking. “Let’s warm these bottoms up.” He smacks, Miles holds the girls down. The Head has shown a cane, which obviously Miles had in her house.

He pulls both pairs of knickers down and alternates with both bottoms with a black leather round paddle. It is all mild so far, except for the imagination the Head has used to get at these girls.

Miles suggests the girls strip off. “Jolly good idea. Off with the uniforms!” The girls are quickly naked, no bras. Bend over the sofa, hands on its back, the Head alternated bottoms with a paddle. “Harder,” urges Miles. “Is this necessary, sir?” “It is an alternative to the police station.”

The Head picks up the cane and he will address Haight first. About 25 strokes, once again urged on by Miles. The Head tells the girls they will have to come back here once a week or he will report them to their parents. Clarke is not going to be caned in this video. They leave.

Miles steps forward. “Somehow I think I need a good spanking.” She has been enjoying the procedure. The spankings “made me feel so good.” She takes her skirt off, her thong comes down, and she goes OTK. The actress keeps checking the camera, as if the director were using hand signals. She stands, bra off, loving it. She plays with her impressive boobs while the Head spanks. He has to leave, but they arrange to meet at his office.

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