Love Spanking Jane and Katie – NUWEST NWV-317

8 Oct

M/2f; time: 26 minutes

Ed Lee with two of his girls on a simple bed set in the studio. He will spank and frig ‘Jane’ and ‘Katie’ to orgasm. as he does in his ‘love spankings’ films.

The girls wear matching summer pajama outfits–rust colored tops and full panties. Ed carries his usual cocktail, wearing his blue chenille robe and is in his gray beard and ponytail phase.

“OK ladies, time for a little ride, a ride of pleasure, you first.”(To blonde Katie) He sits on the end of the bed and she climbs on his lap with enthusiasm. He begins his usual crisp spanking and stroking between her legs. Almost immediately she appears to be soaking through her panties.

Katie switches with brunette Jane, who gets the same spanking and the soaking begins. The girls switch a few times, the spankings intensify. Good facials of each girl as they become more aroused.

At the 12 minute mark, it is time for Katie’s pants to come down, a moment we wait for in all her films. Ed takes them all the way off–Katie assisting by raising her legs. She spreads her legs to facilitate the frigging.

Jane gets the same; on the next turn or so for each girl, they orgasm, or we are made to believe it. Fun in any case.

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