World DOMS 2 – NUWEST FD-292

8 Oct

time: 25 minutes

Eight amateur clips, some terrible and a few surprisingly entertaining.

1. A male and female spank a guy for having been caught cross-dressing. Silly.

2. A girl in a nightie spanks a manacled and gagged man on a bed.

3. A guy lies naked on his back on a reclined dentist chair. ‘Suzi’ is wanking him very hard when she is stopped by a dominatrix, who makes him roll over on his stomach for some cropping. The assisting Suzi bends over in his face, skirt up. “You can’t touch.” Do you share our fascination with porno scenes in a dentist’s office?

4. A naked guy is strapped to a Singapore A-frame, a floozy blonde teases and wanks him, another dominatrix is giving him one of the more fierce canings you will see.

5. Same room with the A-frame. The guy is strapped down over a horse/trestle. The blonde will fuck him with a strap-on, while she wanks him. His erection is large enough to protrude from between her legs.

6. The same guy’s caning continues on the horse. He hollers up a storm. the blonde works on his erection.

7.8. Two meaningless male-female events on beds, vibrators, pantyhose.

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