Hankering For A Spanking – SOUNDPUNISHMENT

17 Oct

M/f; time: 2008; time: 17 minutes

Insouciant actress ‘Emma Brown’ pays a call to the studios of SOUNDPUNISHMENT for a short and playful film. The blonde lies curled up on a daybed, still in her polka dot nightie, a shortie top and panties. She lies, lazy and oblivious, bopping to her I-pod and earbuds, a delectable morsel on the bed.

A regular male spanker from SOUND enters the room. Emma was to be at school. She is delightfully unabashed, so he takes her OTK. She is quite willing and enjoying the whole thing. Tight little pink panties, a sight. She stands to drop her panties and kneel on all-fours on the daybed. The guy flips up her top to display that famous tattoo of hers.

The guy uses a large spatula-shaped paddle, not too hard. She shows winks of puss and is loving the whole thing. It is a simple and short CP film, a celebration of Emma’s trim little body and lithe bottom.

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