17 Oct

Another ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ film serialized on her ‘Volumes’ at STRICTLYENGLISH.

Part 1 (in Volume #3): A regular male CP actor on the scene, mostly MOONGLOW, reads an announcement before employees. The company has merged, there will be some “eliminations,” and one “Amelia Jane Rutherford” has been appointed as “Total E-Quality Manager.”

We see her in her new office, preparing a statement for the employees. She is going to institute some new office procedures, including what she thinks will be a private and secure internal messaging system. The older actor is critical of her methods and predicts rebellion. Amelia goes the feminist route. “Women need to start thinking with their heads instead of their backsides.”

“A Few Days Later”: The office computer technician ‘Wilf’ has hacked into the sources of the internal messaging, found a lot of spanking talk, and traced many of the messages back to Amelia herself. She denies, does her indignant routine, but finally capitulates. The guy will not expose her if he can spank her, here and now. “So it’s blackmail, is it?” It is. He gives a long OTK handspanking, overwhelming her protests and getting her knickers down.

When she refuses to go to the corner with her pants down, he spanks even harder until she give up.

(Part 2 Volume #4): After Wilf’s first blackmail success with Amelia, he returns. “What do you want? You’ve had your fun. I’m working.” He shows her another spanking reference on the internal messaging, but this time he has hacked in and arranged for her to get the blame. The email is about a “tawse.” “This is blackmail,” she says. He has brought a tawse.

So she will accept another spanking. He takes her OTK, skirt up, pink and white trimmed panties. Panties down. After a bit, she is sent to the wall, nose to the door, a beautiful red bottom. Wilf loves it and gets his fondles. The tawse is still to come. “What?”

Elbows on the desk, Amelia collapses onto the floor at the first tawse stroke. She jumps and twitches her way through the session. She wants him to shake hands on just “eight more” but he adds a few. She finally drives him off.

“The Next Day”: ‘Alan,’ the office manager who was skeptical of Amelia’s plans, returns. He’s got an ominous big garbage bag with him. He explains ‘Wilf’was not ‘Wilf,’ not a computer consultant, but a spy checking on her. Wilf helped Alan create an email trail so that he too could have a go at spanking her and break down her plans to recapture his dominance. “On your feet, please.” “No, we’re not going to do that.” Amelia is at least a foot taller than the actor ‘Alan.’

First he smacks her skirt. “Take it off.” She wears white boy shorts, always the glamorous panties. He virtually rips them down. He gets his cane, because that was what the “rubbish” in the bag was. “You all seem to have a predilection for beating women.” Panties off. “Have you been caned before?…keep still, it’s easy to miss….down here somewhere.”

Amelia takes several postures and jumps between the strokes. Great closeups and some rare puss. She collapses on the floor, then into the corner. “Have we learned a lesson tonight?” “Yes.” Amelia dresses and goes home, giving back this office to Alan tomorrow. This phase of her feminist agenda concludes.

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