Spanked All Day Long – STRICTLYENGLISH

20 Oct

2M/f; time: 1 hr. 20 minutes

A film found in its entirety in ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford Volume 10,’ and a story designed to throw her into a series of spanking situations.

Her ‘Uncle James’ confronts her; she is wearing a little top and leisure pants, a pair of which we bought at COSTCO a few years ago. He saw her bicycling with friends, unsavory ones at that, when she was supposed to be in school. Amelia claims she was out on a “fashion project.” Hardly.

She is going to b spanked, now. She pulls down her COSTCO pants and goes OTK. No panties this morning. She protests. “I’m telling you the truth. This is like the Spanish Inquisition!” Uncle James borrows the traveled line: “I’m going to get to the bottom of this.” He has to get to work. After a brief spanking he leaves.

FADE to a short time later. A guy calls at the house. He is from ‘student liaison’ at the university and Uncle James has empowered him to fulfill the promise in the film title. He criticizes her campus behavior and is most interested in who her conspirators are. “I will spank you if I have to.” “Are you mental!?”

OTK; Amelia is dressed for school–skirt w/slip, stockings, top. The officer intends to keep spanking her for the full five hours until James gets home. She should give up some names. “Stand up and take your pants down.” A long handspanking OTK; he removes her shoe to continue. “Your uncle owns a cane, does he not?” She kneels on a chair, her bare red bottom poking out, one of Ms. Ruthwrford’s most dramatic poses. He whips her with his belt and names names to see if he connects.

Amelia is sent to change into better spanking clothes and return with the cane. When she returns (without the cane), the officer is on the phone with James, explaining it is going to “be a long afternoon.” She has changed into a striped jersey and tasty little black boy shorts, but under them she wears four more pairs of panties. Even with this padding, the actress still have one of the most shapely and memorable bottoms in the trade. He smacks, hands-on-head. Before the cane, “it already hurts.” “There are five in the group. You are one of them.”

He begins with the cane, fast mildish strokes. Closeups. Handspanks mixed in as she stands. She screams and begins to give up her confederates. After the school officer leaves, there is a long scene of Amelia examining her bottom in a mirror.

FADE to a bit later. The fashionable clothes-lady has changed again, and she keeps rubbing her botto, James arrives home; after a long scolding the spanking continues. He takes her OTK and examines the day’s progress on her buttocks. More spanking, she kicks her feet, and we get more closeups.

More of the cane, 12 strokes. And to conclude, Amelia is naked in the bathroom, trying to cool her bottom in the tub.

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