21 Oct

M/f; year: 2007; time: 60 minutes

This entire film is found on ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford Volume #6.’ It is a role she plays well, a naughty and frisky young teacher who has more than a passing interest in getting her students’ knickers down. See several films she made on this theme at SHADOWLANE.

Amelia marches ‘Vanessa,’ played by the actress ‘Emma Brown,’ into principal ‘Mr. Cameron’s’ office. She demands Vanessa be spanked. There is a rare occasion where we see how diminutive and fragile Ms. Brown appears. Amelia looks about 18″ taller than Emma. Cameron not only refuses to spank Vanessa, but he will arrange for sports master ‘Mr. Pringle’ to give Amelia a “CP demonstration” at “five o’clock today.” Amelia feigns not to understand what this means.

At five PM, she waits for Pringle. She wears respectable teacher’s attire–print blouse, blue skirt (of acceptable length for a change), and knee boots. Pringle arrives and begins discussing the task he has been assigned. Ms. Rutherford does a credible melodramatic job of letting the reality of the spanking creep across her face. Pringle shows her the implements he has brought.

Faux shock on her face when Pringle tells her the CP demonstration will be practiced on her and that she probably won’t receive her teachers’ accreditation without it. Pringle and the Principal have a good thing going here.

Pringle positions a chair and begins an OTK spanking. Up comes her skirt. “What are you doing?!” Little white panties. “This is sexual assault!” Down come the panties. “Hey!” He wants her to count 100 hand smacks but he spanks so fast she can’t count, so she must get almost double. Lots of squawking, her breathtaking bottom surging on his lap.

Pringle makes Amelia stand in the corner, hands on head, skirt up, pants down. She is indignant. “How old do you think I am?…this is like a bloody Charles Dickens novel.” Over the desk for a ruler. To advance the humiliation, she must pull her knickers down herself. She objects to the large floor mirror. “The mirror is there for you to reflect on your punishment.” No marks yet; she wants to “mark” her homework. Pringle wants to do his own marking.

More corner time, then more “options,” a ping pong bat. OTK again; Ms. Rutherford is so tall she drops to her knees before she slides over Pringle’s lap. “I bet you love this…I never met a sane PE teacher.” (With an exception of one or two, that is our own experience.)

She wants a drink of water. She shouldn’t have said that. “If you’re so hot, take your clothes off.” “No!” She is furious but defenseless. “Have you fancied me for long?” When she is naked, she tries to cover, giving us little flashes. Over the desk for a sole/strap; lots of squawking but she is quite self-assured totally naked.

FADE. Pringle leaves her naked to think. When he returns, “I’ve had enough, everything you do is more painful than the last.” She tries to bribe him, she’ll do his homework marking for the rest of the term. We’d thought she might offer more. A small tawse is next. She keeps her panties covering her front as best she can.

“You’ve has all the instruments except one.” He has the cane. “No! That’s the worst one, isn’t it?” The first strokes are on her knickers; for the last six, “lower your panties and touch your toes.” She loses count, gets a few, more, then faces us, unashamed, in a screen shot worth remembering.

Ten minutes, nude in the corner; she preens and models for us in the mirror.

FADE.”Last Day of Term” Never a good day where CP is practiced. Principal Cameron informs Amelia she has “one more task,” no questions asked. Her blond hair is up, with ribbons, she wears a blouse and is back to a very scandalous short plaid skirt. Vanessa (Emma Brown) is called back in and informed she has the second-highest total of demerits for the term and will escape a spanking.

Amelia is called back in. “Bend over and touch your toes,’ exposing neat little ruffle-trimmed panties, transparent white. Six of the cane on the knickers, six more on the bare. Vanessa is summoned again. “Did you hear what went on in here?” Amelia is furious that Venessa escapes and that she is the only one caned. Cameron explains–he NEVER canes students, only student teachers.

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