Jacque’s Humiliation – NUWEST NWV-346

22 Oct

F/f; time: 57 minutes

This may be the longest NUWEST film we have seen. ‘Jacque’ calls on ‘Vanna.’ It seems she seeks “more serious corporal punishment,” because her husband won’t do it. Vanna explains the procedure. The acting is horrible, which we are used to.

Jacque kneels in front of the padded box while Vanna shows her the implements. Jacque strips naked, again one of the best parts of the film for her. Naked Jacque pulls on nylons and slips into heels before she bends over the box and is strapped down.

Vanna goes to work in a long session of paddling, strapping, and frigging. At the 40 minute mark, Vanna takes off her skirt and steps into the strap-on dildo, the big one! She fucks Jacque–it looks real to us, and mixes in more spanking. She has Jacque suck the dildo to add to the fun. She has put a lubricated condom on it to help–Vanna has done a few penises.

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