Positive Caning – CALSTAR

22 Oct

M/f; year: 1998; time: 39 minutes

‘Mr. Jones,’ actor ‘Anthony Lawton,’ an enterprising guy, has gotten photographs of ‘Stephanie,’ actress ‘Stephanie,’ having sex in the front seat of a car with a man not her husband. He sends her a note–he will give her the negatives if she will accept a spanking. She is to go to a public horse stable and flash her panties to signal she accepts. Then she will receive instructions.

We see Jones in a hoodie with binoculars watching Stephanie flash her knickers, in fact pull them down. Later, we see her receive an email on where to report. We see Jones lay out his implements as he waits for Stephanie. She arrives, indignant but ready to comply. “This might be blackmail, but it’s better than divorce.” He has always fancied her bottom and now he has his chance. “Show me your bottom. Let’s have a look.”

Stephanie wears a long ivory dress with just a thong underneath. Jones shows her the negatives. She is shocked to see they’re real and she will have to earn them. The OTK begins.
Skirt up, thong down. Standing, hands-on-chair, this actress, who has made dominant and submissive films–she is ‘Lady Vernon,’ has the equipment. Jones has her choose her first implement, a floppy strap, she is already bruised. She mugs a bit for the camera when it approaches her face.

Jones assists her into the diaper position on his day bed. “Let’s see what this bottom looks like.” Much of her dialogue is soft and unintelligible. Another strap. “Ow, fuck!” We heard that.
More paddle and strap. “You had better make this worthwhile for you. I want my pictures back.”
Panties off, tawse.

Touch toes, dress thrown up, more toes. He takes a ruler out of his sleeve. “Ever had ’12 inches'”? She shouts when she feels the ruler, legs wide. She asks again for the photos and wonders if in fact he is photographing this session.

A studded strap brings louder cries. “I do hope you really appreciate this, Mr. Jones.” He has her change into sexier clothing. She returns in a little black dress, but she’s at his place!

More paddling, then: “Do you know what you’re going to get for the finale?” She gasps when she sees the cane, faces us, and the camera zooms on her fuzz. Hands-on-chair, about 20 cane strokes, harder than any of the spankings. Legs wide open, Jones counts, NO REPEATS.

She is finished. He hands her the plastic-wrapped negative strips. “How can I be sure this is all of them?” She leaves; Jones pulls more negatives from his coat pocket.

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