The Agency – CALSTAR

22 Oct

M/f; time: 16 minutes

Actor ‘Michael Dawes’ threw together many of these short videos, with simple plots, where a girl takes a very brief spanking. The theatrical agent ploy works best, the casting couch. Today, Dawes is pressed for time. Little blond ‘Tracy’ is called into the room, the white CALSTAR couch and the goofy furnishings.

Dawes has gotten her a very good movie part; she needs the money. He’s an agent and he has leverage. “One little thing in recompense…you’re heard from the other girls….I’d like to spank your bottom.” She was expecting this, is grateful for the work, and accepts this as just payment. “I’ve heard you have mastered it.”

She is tiny; he has her take off her blouse; he takes off her skirt. She is wearing black undies. He admires her tan as he twirls and fondles her. He takes her OTK and begins a small handspanking, then takes her panties down. “Let’s see what else I can do with this bottom.” “Oooh,” she coos.

She kneels up on the couch; he uses a stiff spanker, then the black paddle. She stands, hands on couch, bending over. She is so tiny she displays everything. They discuss her behavior as he spanks; he tells her he knows about the blowjob she was required to give a director. If she is that willing, he wants her to come to him if she needs something.

To increase her part from four to five days, she must take the cane. “If you’re going on my top job, you have to pay the price.” Six strokes. “Did you enjoy that?” She pauses a moment, then wisely: “Uh, yes, sir.” She is sent to get her contract.

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