The Man Who Couldn’t Stop Caning – CALSTAR

22 Oct

M/2f; time: 49 minutes

Actor ‘Michael Dawes,’ as ‘Jerry,’ plays a successful rock musician home between tours. He confronts his rather chunky blond secretary, ‘Cynthia.’ “You sit here eating donuts while I’m trying to do my work…look at you!…go to the suite downstairs, I’m going to deal with your body down there.” The “suite” is the familiar CALSTAR sitting room and white couch. All girls know what happens here.

Jerry has brought the donut plate, a paddle, and a cane. “I don’t want you screaming too loud because my wife is sleeping upstairs.” Skirt up then off; “this fat ass of yours…excess cellulite!” He uses the usual black paddle and then the floppy paddle. “When you scream it makes me feel just the more satisfied….take your blouse off, do you always have your boobs hanging out like that?” Thong down, she gets a very long caning. 50 strokes are shown–all quiet, heavy breathing, repeats. She jumps up once or twice. At the conclusion of this, Jerry jams a donut into her mouth. “You have a tough ass, haven’t you?”

FADE to a new scene, just partially connected. Jerry’s wife is sleeping upstairs, the actress and well know British porn star ‘Georgette Neale.’ A woman has called Jerry. Her husband has been having an affair with Georgette, while Jerry tours with his band. He shakes her awake and accuses her of cheating on him.

“You know what you’re in for don’t you….you know what I’ve got waiting for you.” He orders her to go to the ‘suite,’ which she doesn’t want to do. But she loves the big house, the fast cars, the parties, the life. “I don’t want to go. I don’t like it.”

In the suite, she is soon naked. “No..when you take down my knickers you become mean.” Tiny waist, huge boobs for her size, a bubble butt. No wonder the actress is indexed on so many porn sites. He takes her OTK and she spreads her legs without being asked. She bends into a wing chair for the black paddle and the floppy strap. She fights back a bit.

the cane is next. Over the chair, 20 strokes. Angles, repeats, closeups, wheals. Jerry applies his “special oil,” which looks like fun.

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