Be Careful What You Wish For – STRICTLYENGLISH

23 Oct

M/f; time: 60 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford complete film her ‘Volume 11’ at STRICTLYENGLISH. She muses and dreams about three spanking scenarios, more fantasies, here about being disciplined by policemen.

In the first, she wears a blue taffeta dress best seen at a garden party. She is gently taken OTK by one of the male regulars in this SE series. He rucks up her dress, and as usual, she wears carefully orchestrated underthings–white panties, garter belt, and nylons. He gives her a slow, caressing handspanking. He pulls her panties down in ceremonial style. At the conclusion of this sexy consentual event, she cuddles with him, legs curled up, and the camera burrows to catch her bottom and thighs.

In the next sequence, Amelia bounces into a room, in a flower-print top, bare midriff, and jeans. “Oh,” she utters when she sees the cane on a table. She is apparently a civilian employee at a police station and is going to be spanked for wasting everyone’s time. “Drop your jeans and your underwear to your ankles.” “I can’t. I wore the wrong panties. I’ve got lots of nicer panties.” We know that, having seen so many of her films, but really, we can’t recall any BAD panties, not on her. “I’m sure you have,” says the ‘officer.’

When she bends over the table, her bare bottom is simply beyond our ability to describe. Six cane strokes. “Ow. fuck!” The camera remains on her buttocks as they converse. Because she had suggested it, instead of the caning, she is also getting a spanking. Panties down yet again, she is thrilled by it all. Wherever she moves, the camera follows her hips.

In the third scene, the ‘police officer’ complains more about her work. “I’ve indulged your fantasies about being punished by police officers,” but it hasn’t worked, so he is going to increase the severity and take it out of the fantasy arena. This seems to excite Amelia. Hands on the couch, skirt up, white panties, she is shocked by how hard he spanks. Squeals, panties down, “This is worse than the cane.” Hardly.

She pulls off her top and drops her panties–another perfect nude shot, and a frontal! She is getting the cane, naked is the best way. A dozen strokes, she collapses at one point in a pink bundle of flesh. She dresses slowly at the conclusion, the camera zoning in as usual.

She chats with us as she dresses. “It’s been a good shoot for me.”

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