Spanked Secretaries 3 Sisters – STRICTLYENGLISH

28 Oct

MF/2f; time: 57 minutes

Actresses ‘Suzi’ and ‘Maria Martell’ team up with a STRCTLYENGLISH/MOONGLOW male regular for another office romp. Suzi, as ‘Debbie,’ sits at her desk talking to her boss, and flashing plenty of panty. She complains her about her paycheck, because he has docked her for lateness.

It seems they have an arrangement; she accepts spankings for her tardiness and other failings to be forgiven. He gets to spank her and she gets her bonus money. This week she has already been late three times, which automatically qualifies her for spanking “on the bare.” Skirt up, panties down, she in unfazed. There is a large mirror against the wall so he can watch her reaction. And for us.

Debbie’s sister ‘Lisa,’ the actress Maria Martell, is new to the office, already piling up lateness, so the sleazy boss wonders if she too would go in for the trade–spankings for forgiveness. Debbie explains the deal to Lisa and shows her tarty clothing she uses to entice the boss. Lisa claims never to have been spanked, so Debbie gives her a little OTK taste. Harmless stuff, as is the entire film, except for the brazen maneuvering of the men in the office.

FADE to a new day in the office. Debbie tells boss John that Lisa is game for the spanking deal. So Lisa gets her first OTK spanking in the office, the mirror in position. Debbie is amused by the whole thing. John is a bit surprised by her thong–“sexy knickers, effectively on the bare.” Debbie gets a spanking too. The girls are happy with the trading game.

FADE to the next office scene. The girls decide to fudge the computer inventory records and pockets some cash made in payment of a sale. John enters and declares that today he is going to move the bonuses forward, which means he must issue the spankings earned.

Both girls drop their jeans and seem amused by the spanking on their mostly bare bottoms. After John has his fun bringing their disciplinary accounts up to date, he tells them he has detected their fraud, where they embezzled 200 pds. The customer asked John to handle it.

John uses his hand, then a slipper, then the “ultimate deterrent,” the cane. He alternates six strokes on each bottom. All of it mild. He announces that the customer “Mr. Marlow” is coming by to observe the spankings. When he arrives, the girls must show him their bottoms. And you knew it, he thinks the punishment is not severe enough.

John continues caning the girls, on their jeans, which they have to pull down after each session. Still “not enough.” So the canings continue on the bare. John adds his own humiliation–making the girls raise and lower their jeans after each stroke.

The normal bare bottom comparison at the conclusion, the best part of the film, shows only mild results, but the two geezers had their fun.

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