You Won’t Feel A Thing – STRICTLYENGLISH

28 Oct

M/2f; year: 2001; time: 60 minutes

More dental hygienists. The CP version of the Russ Meyer ‘Immoral Mr. Tees’ story, a patient drifts off in anesthesia dreaming of the girls in the office being spanked by the dentist. After all, they have been flashing panty for him under their very short smocks.

In the dream, the dentist complains about his assistant’s work, actually two of them, ‘Mandy,’ played by actress ‘Sam Johnson,’ and ‘Julia,’ two very comely girls to have around the office. In the dream, the dentist declares to the patient, “She needs a good spanking.” Sam has to go OTK first. “Why me?” She drops her panties for the slipper. She is wearing nifty lace-topped stockings and garters. She gets the slipper.

The second blonde is spanked next, Sam’s bottom in the background. The dentist takes her knickers down for a hairbrush (which he happens to have in the office). The riding crop for Sam. He directs them to take off their hygienist uniforms and put on little artists’ smocks, great little spanking costumes we have praised before. They object, so it is more spanking until they agree.

Mandy OTK again; the purpose of the smock is that it rides up and exposes her bottom without much adjustment. He shows them the cane. “No way!” Julia will be first, she lies over a chair for 10 strokes. Mandy bends over for six, Julia 15 more, then Many about 10. Julia another 10, which she counts aloud.

The girls are left bare-bottom to contemplate. “How’s your bum?” “Red, sore.” The girls take off the tabards and pull their panties back on, a long undies scene typical of STRICTLYENGLISH. The two playfully handspank each other; there are flashbacks to the caning scenes.

The patient wakes up. We see how simple the set has been, nothing but a lounge chair and a hassock standing in for a dentists’ chair. Mandy tidies up around the room while flashing more panty. The dream sequence will be replayed in real time. Mandy and Julia are both spanked by the dentist after the patient has left. No frontals, no boobs, mostly harmless stuff with two attractive models.

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