Jacque’s Painful Punishment – NUWEST

29 Oct

F/f; time: 19 minutes

The actress ‘Jacque’ made a series of films where she takes long and good punishment. Here, there is a storyline. ‘Vanna’ plays a professional disciplinarian who receives a call. Jacque has been having sex with the husband of the caller, and the woman wants Jacque dealt with. Vanna calls ‘Dave’ on the intercom. It is the voice of Ed Lee. She gives him Jacque’s address. He asks, “punishment room or attic?” She is to be brought to the “punishment room” tonight. Vanna asks that the full “crew of six” be present.

FADE to the punishment room, the sound stage. Jacque is strung up naked, spreader bars at wrists and ankles, and a blindfold and ball gag. Vanna enters. “Well, what do we have here?” She removes the blindfold and gag, ignores the vapid protesting, picks up a martinet, and goes to work on Jacque’s back and bubble butt. A long whipping, lots of squealing and gasping. Vanna suspects Jacque is enjoying this. Vanna releases her.

After another FADE. we assume the ‘crew’ fastened Jacque over the tilted box. Vanna will alternately whip her and frig her. again ignoring the meaningless protests.

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