Madame LEK Severe Punishment – NUWEST

29 Oct

F/2f; time: 28 minutes

A film made in Thailand, according to the graphics. It does not have the standard NuWest feel. ‘Madame Lek’ is scolding her niece ‘Adung,’ who sits in shame like a schoolgirl in front of the Madame’s desk.

The girl strips to just panties and knee socks. Madame takes her OTK and pulls her panties down immediately. A hard handspanking ensures, including the use of a very nasty-looking hairbrush. The Madame switches to a cleverly short cane, which solves the swing problem in this OTK position. At the conclusion the girl falls on her knees, pleading.

FADE to a new scene with the Madame, who, at the end of the film, will be advertised as available for disciplinary sessions. ‘Talap’ is her personal assistant and made a scheduling error which caused the Madame huge personal humiliation and embarrassment. Talap will be punished “severely,’ say the graphics, which have assisted us through the foreign language.

Talap hangs her head as she is scolded, then submissively strips naked, hanging her clothes on a clothes tree on the set. Very sexy. Madame ties the naked girl, wrists and ankles, to a padded vaulting horse. The scene takes some time, bondage being part of the show.

Madame will use the run-up technique of caning, running across the room to slash each stroke, about 15 in all. The scene is comic in that Madame is wearing platform heels, which clatter on the set–we hear her purposefully get in position then run to make the stroke. Would stealthy steps have been more erotic?

The girl begins to scream and cry after the first stroke, quite different than the racquet made in a British or Czech film. And authentic, we thought. As usual, the girl’s far buttock takes the worst beating.

The girl is released, she kisses the cane, and falls to her knees to kiss the Madame’s boots.

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