Jane’s Climactic Spanking – NUWEST FCV-70

30 Oct

M/f; Time: 18 minutes

The tile studio again where producer Ed Lee likes to perform these ‘climactic’ spankings and whippings, where he brings the lady to orgasm. Lee comes on stage in his bathrobe. Jane is already positioned on the shadow box and strung up to a spreader bar. She is a slightly older brunette, with conservative short hair. She wears a black top and a long white skirt, which is tight and thin enough to see the trace of bikini panties.

She is loosely enough fastened to be able to struggle sexily. Lee begins with his martinet and soon pulls down her skirt, a bit of a challenge because it is tight and Jane has the hips. She wears shiny satin white bikini panties. Lee will alternately whip her and frig through her panties. Great closeups.

Plenty of facials; Jane looks mildly uncomfortable with Ed whipping, fondling, and frigging her, but she must contend with the arousal. Halfway through the film, Lee pulls down her panties. Her bottom is nicely red already and she is a bit aroused. In the background, as Lee steps back to get something out of a refrigerator, we see another partially dressed girl in the mesh cage on the set, a classic B&D prop, girl-in-a-cage.

Lee spanks and frigs hard, using two hands. Jane twists in his grasp. A long slow closeup and Lee massages her vagina. Finally, a shadow box shot up between her legs from the floor. At the end, Jane seems to climax and collapse her posture. This was one of the better ‘climactic’ films, because Jane is a plausible submissive, apart from the mold of the NuWest cast.

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