Secretarie’s Ordeal – CALSTAR

30 Oct

F/f; time: 31 minutes

We were warned, the spelling of the title alerted us to this American minefield ahead. A brunette secretary sits at her desk, nothing more than a portable folding card table and a laptop. To be fair, this is the only kind of ‘desk’ which would have provided leg shots.

Her brunette female boss, no better of an actress than the secretary, is upset with her work and will spank her over the table, while she must stare at the errors. The boss uses a paddle on her slacks.

FADE to a new scene–the secretary is in trouble again. She is bent over the table, skirt up, polka dot panties, soon down, a strap. Nose into the laptop (a nice one) to see her mistakes.

The last spanking scene–in another room, the secretary will get the cane. She grabs her ankles without bending her knees, the only impressive move in the film. Panties down, handspanking, strap, and cane. Nobody hurt here except us.

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