31 Oct

M/f; time: 54 minutes

Actress ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ acts out “four more of her own fantasies” in Volume #8 of the Rutherford STRICTLYENGLISH series. As in most of this series, she narrates the action and changes clothes on the set. She puts a very short silk robe and plays “a niece visiting her uncle in London.”

Uncle James wakes Amelia, sleeping late. She doesn’t want to go job hunting. James explains the house is run according to “my rules.” He begins spanking her on the bed, little white panties. Her normal squeals, and a very nice “Oh, my God, no!” when her knickers come down.

Amelia reluctantly sets herself with pillows under her hips for the slipper on the bed, writhing nicely. After this session, one of her typical nude posings. She lies on the bed, musing about the experience, takes off her little robe, and spanks herself.

In the next part of this fantasy, Amelia pulls on the naughtiest of purple panties, designed to entice her Uncle James. Next comes a slinky black gown. She intends to go out for the evening. James challenges her appearance. She claims just to be going to “Starbucks.” He is surprised by her outfit and wants to see what she wears underneath. Skirt up, “right up!” He is suitably shocked by the purple knickers. Amelia admits she is going to a strip club–she has to make some money!

He is going to spank her again. OTK, panties down. “I’m dying. Do something else. I want another kind of punishment.” “Take your knickers off.” He will do something else. He takes off his belt. Amelia accuses him of being a sick pervert. “I feel sorry for you.”

Upstairs to change clothes again, more bottom-check in the mirrors and nudie scene. She narrates the next part of this fantasy–the belt was to have added a “domestic” touch. The bath brush is the next implement She will take a bath this time. More nudie scenes, including very impressive closeups, bottom and frontal, with the mirror.

James bursts into the tub scene, which is a bit silly and repetitive. She is spanked in a squealing, splashing struggle. She feigns horror when she sees the brush and tries to bargain the number of strokes. Another reference to how James’ house is out of a “Dickens novel.”

A memorable nudie scene to conclude as Amelia examines the authentic circular bruises and gives us the full wet-bottom show.

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