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Good Neighbour – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

27 Oct

MF/f; time: 30 minutes

Early RIGIDEAST, and typically harsh and severe, and for us, lacking any of the erotic tension or naughtiness that developed in later films.

A ‘mother’ is in her kitchen and seems to be searching for something. A little pigtailed blonde, a brave actress who will appear often in RGE films, arrives home. Whatever is missing, she is blamed, and immediately taken OTK by her mother. She must stand to raise her skirt. She is one of those diminutive actresses who is suspended when she is OTK.

After more spanking, she stands again to pull down her flowered panties. Typically hard and relentless RGE spanking–she is bruising already. At this point a male character enters the scene. We assume from the title that he is a ‘friendly’ neighbor stopping by to help. Some neighbors will help you move furniture, and others will whip your children for you. Bizarre. The little blonde has taken the opportunity to get her knickers back in place.

The mother finds a wooden kitchen stirring spoon, so we see the punishment is ratcheting up. The neighbor takes her panties down and whales with the spoon; she struggles and kicks–her far buttock is wrecked.

The girl is released and sent upstairs. Like many good CP films, the camera follows her bare bottom upstairs. She has been sent to get the cane and she returns with it. She falls on her knees to beg, to no avail, and is taken OTK to be caned, a position which doesn’t work and is soon abandoned.

The kindly neighbor has her take her top off, she is naked.

The mother holds her as she kneels on a chair. The man draws blood with the cane on the spoon bruises. Back upstairs naked, wild cane marks show all over her bottom and thighs. The neighbor is going to follow her upstairs to continue the punishment in private while the mother swigs from a flask. something she surely needs.

Upstairs the little blonde has to kneel naked on all fours on her bed for more caning, then in the diaper position. Harsh stuff. She struggles, but she is so small her can literally hold her ankles like a baby as he slashes. Low shots from the floor. A brutal caning.

Things near a climax. She s draped over the end of her bed, legs spread, welts, blood, plenty of damage. The neighbor fondles and examines the results, opens his pants, and begins to fuck her as the scene fades. This might be preferable to the cane.

Spanked, Caned, Etc. – CALSTAR

23 Oct

F/2f; year: 2000; time: 55 minutes

Actor ‘Michael Dawes,’ in a non-spanking and probably a directorial and crew role here, sits in a bar with a last drink. He is hustled along by the female manager, but he wants a word with the waitress ‘Sapphire.’

The female manager confronts blond Sapphire. She is not to be consorting with guests/patrons. When she threatens to fire Sapphire, the girl suggests she knows the manager likes to spank her girls and she will take one to be forgiven. “It’s a little more than a spanking. You might not enjoy it.” She goes to get her paddle and cane. Sapphire kneels up on a sitting bench in the bar area. Things progress quickly. There is no spanking in this posture.

Sapphire lies OTK on the bench, her panties come down for a slow spanking. Next, she must strip naked, for first the black paddle and then the floppy strap. The owner switches to the cane next, and she is good at it. 25 hard strokes shown, repeats, varied angles, wheals. She kisses Sapphire’s bottom and gives her a slow frig, explaining the body language and not surprising the waitress very much.

The lesbian female owner is operating a health resort. She jumps a chubby brunette who is cleaning in the club’s sauna bath. The girl forgot to turn on the hot tub, so the temperature won’t be right when the guests arrive. “You’re not doing what you are paid to do.” She has another chance for a spanking. “I’ve got two hours before we open the doors. For the next half-hour you are going to get a damn good spanking.

OTK on a tile sauna bench. Uniform up, thong down, a big bottom. At the hot tub, uniform off, the brunette climbs the ladder so her bottom is shoulder-high for the owner to spank. Black paddle and floppy paddle.

They march into the empty club, the same bar scene. The brunette has no pants on and much be banking on nobody being around. She gets the cane from the experienced blond owner, over 20 stern snaps. They kiss and embrace to conclude.

Hard Labor and Whipping – NUWEST

23 Oct

M/f; time: 18 minutes

The improbable Table Mountain setting, which we think we saw out the back door of Ed Lee’s garage in one video. A hefty brunette, in white blouse, skirt, and heels is shoveling and moving dirt in a wheelbarrow, from one place to another. She is not strong enough, and is struggling in her tight skirt and heels.

‘Sheriff’ Ed Lee comes onto the scene in his Smokey hat. The brunette complains bitterly about the concept of working for “six months” in these conditions. Lee snaps at her with his whip to keep her motivated. The wind ruffles the sound system. A third of the film is taken with her silly ministrations with the shovel and wheelbarrow.

Finally, he drives her inside with his whip, into a room theatrically lit, and she moves immediately between two posts. He orders her to strip, and when she resists and hesitates, a few cracks of the whip change her mind. She strips down to bra and pantyhose. He cuts her bra off with his pocket knife, strings her up to the two posts, and begins whipping her back and bottom on the pantyhose.

He whips until he achieves tears in the pantyhose. The camera zooms on red wheals which are evident through the holes and across her back and buttocks. We did not bother with any dialogue.

No Mercy – CALSTAR

23 Oct

M/f; time: 16 minutes

Another shortie from actor ‘Michael Dawes,’ this time with an older actress, who is certainly a good sport and probably has a touch of the CP bug in her also. Dawes confronts ‘Mrs. Bennett,’ who caned his daughter in school, which is “against the rules.” He checked out her bottom. Since Bennett was dumb enough to come over to his house, she probably deserves what is coming.

The scene is the CALSTAR dining room. Since he has leverage on her now, he sends her to her car to get her cane. She brings it in and reluctantly admits, “It’s only right.” “I can’t believe how willing you are,” declares Dawes.

Bennett drops her jeans and bends over the sink. She literally collapses on the first stroke, and probably for good reason, because when she regains position, that first stroke is visibly ripening. “Grin and bear it. Keep quiet.”

He keeps caning. She jumps realistically at each stroke and runs off the set at the 3rd stroke. “I want silence when you take these.” “Do these things fade over time?” Dawes has lightened the intensity, and the dialogue certainly suggests the caning is more than was expected. There are about 20 strokes, broken up by interruptions. She figures out that if she goes quiet the director can use some repeats.

Dawes is attempting to achieve “roughly the state of my daughter’s ass.” He suggests that Mrs. Bennett, in future, concentrate on teaching geography. When he creams her bottom, she purrs “Oh, yes!”

The Englishman Returns – NUWEST

23 Oct

3F/m; time: 27 minutes

Another bizarre offering from NUWEST; a male actor, the ‘Englishman,’ plays a man captured on the grounds of the ranch. He has been strung up, naked and hooded, in a storeroom. ‘Jacque,’ ‘Jodi Cline,’ under the supervision of ‘Julia Jameson,’ will torment him.

They will whip him, front and back, with a strap and small martinet, attach, a series of clamps to his nipples, and smack his cock, which is purple and held in erection by a cock ring. The girls giggle and are having a good time. They especially enjoy smacking his penis.

The film concludes with the man on the floor. Julia gives him a golden shower, a detail which will probably prevent us from watching the film again.

Be Careful What You Wish For – STRICTLYENGLISH

23 Oct

M/f; time: 60 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford complete film her ‘Volume 11’ at STRICTLYENGLISH. She muses and dreams about three spanking scenarios, more fantasies, here about being disciplined by policemen.

In the first, she wears a blue taffeta dress best seen at a garden party. She is gently taken OTK by one of the male regulars in this SE series. He rucks up her dress, and as usual, she wears carefully orchestrated underthings–white panties, garter belt, and nylons. He gives her a slow, caressing handspanking. He pulls her panties down in ceremonial style. At the conclusion of this sexy consentual event, she cuddles with him, legs curled up, and the camera burrows to catch her bottom and thighs.

In the next sequence, Amelia bounces into a room, in a flower-print top, bare midriff, and jeans. “Oh,” she utters when she sees the cane on a table. She is apparently a civilian employee at a police station and is going to be spanked for wasting everyone’s time. “Drop your jeans and your underwear to your ankles.” “I can’t. I wore the wrong panties. I’ve got lots of nicer panties.” We know that, having seen so many of her films, but really, we can’t recall any BAD panties, not on her. “I’m sure you have,” says the ‘officer.’

When she bends over the table, her bare bottom is simply beyond our ability to describe. Six cane strokes. “Ow. fuck!” The camera remains on her buttocks as they converse. Because she had suggested it, instead of the caning, she is also getting a spanking. Panties down yet again, she is thrilled by it all. Wherever she moves, the camera follows her hips.

In the third scene, the ‘police officer’ complains more about her work. “I’ve indulged your fantasies about being punished by police officers,” but it hasn’t worked, so he is going to increase the severity and take it out of the fantasy arena. This seems to excite Amelia. Hands on the couch, skirt up, white panties, she is shocked by how hard he spanks. Squeals, panties down, “This is worse than the cane.” Hardly.

She pulls off her top and drops her panties–another perfect nude shot, and a frontal! She is getting the cane, naked is the best way. A dozen strokes, she collapses at one point in a pink bundle of flesh. She dresses slowly at the conclusion, the camera zoning in as usual.

She chats with us as she dresses. “It’s been a good shoot for me.”

The Man Who Couldn’t Stop Caning – CALSTAR

22 Oct

M/2f; time: 49 minutes

Actor ‘Michael Dawes,’ as ‘Jerry,’ plays a successful rock musician home between tours. He confronts his rather chunky blond secretary, ‘Cynthia.’ “You sit here eating donuts while I’m trying to do my work…look at you!…go to the suite downstairs, I’m going to deal with your body down there.” The “suite” is the familiar CALSTAR sitting room and white couch. All girls know what happens here.

Jerry has brought the donut plate, a paddle, and a cane. “I don’t want you screaming too loud because my wife is sleeping upstairs.” Skirt up then off; “this fat ass of yours…excess cellulite!” He uses the usual black paddle and then the floppy paddle. “When you scream it makes me feel just the more satisfied….take your blouse off, do you always have your boobs hanging out like that?” Thong down, she gets a very long caning. 50 strokes are shown–all quiet, heavy breathing, repeats. She jumps up once or twice. At the conclusion of this, Jerry jams a donut into her mouth. “You have a tough ass, haven’t you?”

FADE to a new scene, just partially connected. Jerry’s wife is sleeping upstairs, the actress and well know British porn star ‘Georgette Neale.’ A woman has called Jerry. Her husband has been having an affair with Georgette, while Jerry tours with his band. He shakes her awake and accuses her of cheating on him.

“You know what you’re in for don’t you….you know what I’ve got waiting for you.” He orders her to go to the ‘suite,’ which she doesn’t want to do. But she loves the big house, the fast cars, the parties, the life. “I don’t want to go. I don’t like it.”

In the suite, she is soon naked. “No..when you take down my knickers you become mean.” Tiny waist, huge boobs for her size, a bubble butt. No wonder the actress is indexed on so many porn sites. He takes her OTK and she spreads her legs without being asked. She bends into a wing chair for the black paddle and the floppy strap. She fights back a bit.

the cane is next. Over the chair, 20 strokes. Angles, repeats, closeups, wheals. Jerry applies his “special oil,” which looks like fun.

The Agency – CALSTAR

22 Oct

M/f; time: 16 minutes

Actor ‘Michael Dawes’ threw together many of these short videos, with simple plots, where a girl takes a very brief spanking. The theatrical agent ploy works best, the casting couch. Today, Dawes is pressed for time. Little blond ‘Tracy’ is called into the room, the white CALSTAR couch and the goofy furnishings.

Dawes has gotten her a very good movie part; she needs the money. He’s an agent and he has leverage. “One little thing in recompense…you’re heard from the other girls….I’d like to spank your bottom.” She was expecting this, is grateful for the work, and accepts this as just payment. “I’ve heard you have mastered it.”

She is tiny; he has her take off her blouse; he takes off her skirt. She is wearing black undies. He admires her tan as he twirls and fondles her. He takes her OTK and begins a small handspanking, then takes her panties down. “Let’s see what else I can do with this bottom.” “Oooh,” she coos.

She kneels up on the couch; he uses a stiff spanker, then the black paddle. She stands, hands on couch, bending over. She is so tiny she displays everything. They discuss her behavior as he spanks; he tells her he knows about the blowjob she was required to give a director. If she is that willing, he wants her to come to him if she needs something.

To increase her part from four to five days, she must take the cane. “If you’re going on my top job, you have to pay the price.” Six strokes. “Did you enjoy that?” She pauses a moment, then wisely: “Uh, yes, sir.” She is sent to get her contract.

Positive Caning – CALSTAR

22 Oct

M/f; year: 1998; time: 39 minutes

‘Mr. Jones,’ actor ‘Anthony Lawton,’ an enterprising guy, has gotten photographs of ‘Stephanie,’ actress ‘Stephanie,’ having sex in the front seat of a car with a man not her husband. He sends her a note–he will give her the negatives if she will accept a spanking. She is to go to a public horse stable and flash her panties to signal she accepts. Then she will receive instructions.

We see Jones in a hoodie with binoculars watching Stephanie flash her knickers, in fact pull them down. Later, we see her receive an email on where to report. We see Jones lay out his implements as he waits for Stephanie. She arrives, indignant but ready to comply. “This might be blackmail, but it’s better than divorce.” He has always fancied her bottom and now he has his chance. “Show me your bottom. Let’s have a look.”

Stephanie wears a long ivory dress with just a thong underneath. Jones shows her the negatives. She is shocked to see they’re real and she will have to earn them. The OTK begins.
Skirt up, thong down. Standing, hands-on-chair, this actress, who has made dominant and submissive films–she is ‘Lady Vernon,’ has the equipment. Jones has her choose her first implement, a floppy strap, she is already bruised. She mugs a bit for the camera when it approaches her face.

Jones assists her into the diaper position on his day bed. “Let’s see what this bottom looks like.” Much of her dialogue is soft and unintelligible. Another strap. “Ow, fuck!” We heard that.
More paddle and strap. “You had better make this worthwhile for you. I want my pictures back.”
Panties off, tawse.

Touch toes, dress thrown up, more toes. He takes a ruler out of his sleeve. “Ever had ’12 inches'”? She shouts when she feels the ruler, legs wide. She asks again for the photos and wonders if in fact he is photographing this session.

A studded strap brings louder cries. “I do hope you really appreciate this, Mr. Jones.” He has her change into sexier clothing. She returns in a little black dress, but she’s at his place!

More paddling, then: “Do you know what you’re going to get for the finale?” She gasps when she sees the cane, faces us, and the camera zooms on her fuzz. Hands-on-chair, about 20 cane strokes, harder than any of the spankings. Legs wide open, Jones counts, NO REPEATS.

She is finished. He hands her the plastic-wrapped negative strips. “How can I be sure this is all of them?” She leaves; Jones pulls more negatives from his coat pocket.

Jacque’s Humiliation – NUWEST NWV-346

22 Oct

F/f; time: 57 minutes

This may be the longest NUWEST film we have seen. ‘Jacque’ calls on ‘Vanna.’ It seems she seeks “more serious corporal punishment,” because her husband won’t do it. Vanna explains the procedure. The acting is horrible, which we are used to.

Jacque kneels in front of the padded box while Vanna shows her the implements. Jacque strips naked, again one of the best parts of the film for her. Naked Jacque pulls on nylons and slips into heels before she bends over the box and is strapped down.

Vanna goes to work in a long session of paddling, strapping, and frigging. At the 40 minute mark, Vanna takes off her skirt and steps into the strap-on dildo, the big one! She fucks Jacque–it looks real to us, and mixes in more spanking. She has Jacque suck the dildo to add to the fun. She has put a lubricated condom on it to help–Vanna has done a few penises.