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Double Jointed – REDSTRIPE

25 Nov

M/2f; year: 1999; time: 48 minutes

Two school girls are caught rolling marijuana joints and are ordered to report to the headmaster the next morning. They know what that means. “Oh boy, it’s going to be potty time.”

‘Ivor Gold’ plays the headmaster, in his fully appointed office. “You two again!” The girls have no privileges left to suspend and there is little left except the ultimate. The girls know it–they want to go to lunch.

Gold takes blond ‘Sarah’ OTK first. spanks hard, takes her knickers down, and smacks her thighs when she reaches back to cover. Brunette ‘Jane’ has to sit on a dunce stool, her knickers down, so her buttocks are in the shot. Because she laughs, Jane must write her name on the blackboard and “16 extra strokes of the cane.” She adds Sarah’s name–12 extras for wiggling. Sarah gets a long strapping bent over a chair.

Jane’s turn OTK, her knickers are already down from the dunce stool. Sarah takes her place on the stool. Jane gets the strap–she has a tattoo on her left buttock.

Gold will now cane the girls. Sarah first, about 15 strokes, then her extras, twenty more, counted aloud. No way to fake repeats. Jane next–she gets her 12 or 13, then a full 30 extras. A long caning for REDSTRIPE. the girls collect their panties and run off.


25 Nov

M/f; year: 2010; time: 35 minutes

‘Sally’ is visiting her friend or uncle ‘Gillian,’ and seems to have become a burden around the house. He catches her smoking and lounging when he wants her working around the house and looking for a job. A two-week visit has become six months.

“I need a helping hand.” “You need a firm hand.” Sally puts on a little yellow sundress and flaunts her body to get the heat off her. “You need discipline,” says Gillian. “What are you going to do about it?” He takes her OTK. “You’re kidding!”

The next day Sally has dressed rather saucily for an interview, and when she comes home she tells Gillian she doesn’t want the job because the pay is too low and she has to show up at 9 AM. Angry Gillian will spank her again, standing, skirt up, polka dot panties.

In the next domestic scene, Gillian interrupts Sally again, lounging and reading. She helps him this time by taking down her tight jeans. He does the knickers. He wants her to work, pay rent, and stop smoking. She wants him to rub her bottom.

In the next scene, she re-enters the room wearing just a man-shirt, and apologizes for all her behavior. OTK again, black panties down. “Ready for the cane?” “I don’t know,” she teases, “what do you think?” She kneels on a couch, panties down, her bottom is a big round target. About 40 strokes, mild–the lines and her panty lines criss-cross. She laughs at the dialogue.

Sally counts aloud another 12 strokes, harder this time, closeups of welts and bruises. They finish with another OTK and he gets in more rubbing.

Academy of Riding – CALSTAR

24 Nov

f/2F; Year: 2006; TIME: 48 Minutes

Many good CP films made on the horse-stable theme; lots of whips and crops around, as well as Lesbian-dominatrix equestiennes. This film is just in the middle of the pack. Two rather insouciant girls have been hanging around the public stables, almost “stalking, ‘ hoping for jobs.

After the female stable operator determines on the phone with a friend that the two girls seen outside are the same seen in the neighborhood, the madam approaches them. The girls beg for jobs.

The madam senses her leverage. She wants the girls “into my drawing room” to discuss the jobs. Inside, the madam explains her rules. She will put the girls through an “initiation.” ‘Lee,’ a long-haired blonde, and ‘Tanya,’ a short-haired butchy blonde, are handed stacks of riding clothes to put on, chaps but no slacks under them, so that their knickers peek out. Hard riding helmets, and some posing in this burlesque attire. “You both leave a lot to be desired…part of the initiation is to have a very good spanking.” The madam claims that the object here is for the girls to learn what the horse experiences hen it is flogged.

Blond Tanya is spanked first, OTK, handspanked on her slacks, then madam takes them down and works the pink panties, before they come down. Down to just her bra, she bends over the chair for the CALSTAR black paddle and a floppy paddle. the her caning, a dozen strokes. She jumps up surprised at the first stroke. there are repeats. “You’ll have to give me a minute…a bit higher,” she ad libs.

Lee has been watching and will get the same, but she wants the job. She gets her OTK spanking; Tanya begins masturbating as she watches. Lee has to kneel doggy-style on all-fours on a table for the black paddle and floppy paddle. When the madam gets her panties out of the way, “These are wet, these panties. You are enjoying this….ready for the cane?”

Whatever the answer can be to that, Lee gets dozen strokes.

Madam compares the bare bottoms at the mantel. Madam reminds the girls they are not going to like what it feels like when they ride tomorrow. We would suggest just those chaps and panties.

Lesson at St.Winnifred’s – CALSTAR

24 Nov

2MF/4f; time 27 minutes

An oldie by any standard, late 1970’s or mid 1980’s, at a time when British CP films seemed to be handled among CALSTAR,  ROUE,  and BLUSHES, affiliates, partners. One of our first CP films–it certainly floated our boat at the time.

The simple film is in three parts. The first is “The Athlete’s Lesson.” At a gathering of students and faculty–seven people will be on the set at once, Head Prefect ‘Norton’ announces, and tries to be stern about it, that a series of punishments will be meted out for various infractions. The girls sit as witness, and the ‘Headmaster’ and ‘Colonel Forbes’ preside. The girls wear pinafores, ties, and blouses.

Prefect Norton will punish brunette ‘Blisset’ first. “Remove your shorts, right down to your knees.” Norton spanks hard OTK, turning Blisset red immediately. Forbes and the Headmaster watch intently, even though they should not be able to see much from where they sit. Their leering is entertaining. Blisset gets up, choking tear and reaches for her panties. “I didn’t say you could pull up your….you may pull them up now.” Somehow, the bad acting in this film adds sufficient amateurism to increase the eroticism.

Norton will spank ‘Meadows’ next, a cute curly-haired blonde. OTK, Norton bunches her leotard to access bare skin. She must remain in the middle of the room, because the Headmaster will cane her, “you saucy little trollop.” He whips her 12 times, she puts up a legitimate squawk, and if he isn’t loving this we were fooled.

‘The Six Former’ (the segments are introduced by a girl with her regulation knickers at her knees, misspelling the title on a blackboard and getting a smack.) Norton: “Lovett and Green, please stand up.” Lovett, a curly blonde, bends over a chair. North takes down her knickers to display a compact, athletic bottom. Twelve strokes from a large tawse; pieces of padding applied to lessen the sting fleck off.

“The Head Girl’s Lesson”: “Deputy Head Slocum” was seen cavorting in the bushes with boys, “like a barnyard hussy.” She hangs her head and mutters excuses. Colonel Forbes himself will administer the slipper. Slocum hollers up a storm; the hem of her pinafore partially covers her buttocks.

After this punishment is concluded, it is time for the other girl in the bushes, Norton herself. The Headmaster announces: “I order brazen Norton to be strapped….thoroughly…see the Colonel.”
She kneels on a chair, the Colonel pulls her knickers down to her thighs for the tawse. We watch the tawsing from the oblique, but are treated to full-bottom closeups later.

Norton screams out the count of twelve. We have never seen this tall, thin, sophisticated brunette actress before, or, in fact, since. “Get off that chair….pull your panties up.” We are not finished. the Headmaster himself is going to cane Slocum. The blonde pulls her knickers down and bends over a table, which the Headmaster is pleased to say is “spot on.” Slocum counts out a painful 18. At one point the spanking Headmaster must have received a cue from her. “Yes, yes, is it too much?” The Headmaster uses a thin whippy cane and slices down with vicious strokes from several angles.

Two film of this era are previewed and are highly recommended for the same reasons we liked this film. ‘Half-Term Punishments’ and ‘Sally’s First Lesson.’

Brazilian Heiress – STRICTLYENGLISH

20 Nov

2M/f; time: 48 minutes

An American actress plays a very naughty blond floozy-type, ‘Angelica,’supposedly a ‘Brazilian heiress,’ who has to meet with her accountant/advisor, played by ‘Ivor Gold,’ and cadge money out of him until her inheritance funds in years hence.

Ivor, as ‘Joe,’ is no fool. He will extract a spanking from Angelica each time she needs something, and she is in no position to argue. In their first meeting, she has maxed out all her credit cards and needs cash. Despite some salacious posing from her on his desk, he wants more and takes her OTK. Tarty red panties, garter belt and stockings, tattoos, her boobs pop out as she flails. This not the prim schoolgirl atmosphere and a bit raunchier than the usual fare from STRICTLYENGLISH. After the spanking, she readjusts her clothes and accepts a check. So this is what you have to do. They set the next meeting for 8 PM that night.

At her apartment, she checks her bottom in the mirror, then makes a call to ‘Antoine,’ a dressmaker. She needs to borrow a ball gown, and now! At the shop, Antoine wants to swipe a credit card for security, but she can’t do that, so she offers her bottom instead. Antoine begins spanking.

Angelica returns to meet Joe, in the ball gown, but late into the night. She earns another spanking and takes the gown off. Red undies, the paddle over the desk. “You are enjoying this..yeah, you are.” There are no losers. When Angelica rubs her bottom, she spreads her cheeks for full views.

Joe explains a “great English tradition,” the cane. A long caning, closeups, marks and welts, little public fuzz. Joe wants to go to bed.

Angelica returns to Antoine’s and claims the gown was ruined. Another spanking! Under her leopard coat, she wears just undies, except, no panties! After a good spanking, enjoyed by all, she goes home, examines her bottom, and settled down to bed in the dawn light, the birds chirping on the soundtrack.

The Initiation – CALSTAR

20 Nov

2F/2f; year: 1995; time: 56 minutes

We continue our review of largely vintage CP/spanking movies, roughly the years 1975 through 2010. Most were made in England, where depiction of the “British Vice” generated endless fascinating fantasy. The earlier British films made no pretense about ageplay, barely legal schoolgirls at the mercy of older men. The Eastern European producers pushed the severity envelope and advanced the techniques. A few American producers tag along.

In this film, two girls are escorted into a room. They are to be initiated before joining a “fraternity.” We laughed at the word, which was repeated later. Maybe if everyone took their pants off, we’d know for sure, is this a fraternity or a sorority? ‘Sally,’ a dark-blonde, and ‘Chloe,’ a buxom pigtailed blonde, are to be put through some “stages,” by two girls who would appear to have more than a passing interest in their bodies.

“We’ll do anything to join,” chimes Chloe. Kate seems to be the lead ‘sister’ doing the work. “Let’s go to the first step, over our laps for a hard spanking, just the first step.” “The first step?” Sally is spanked OTK first; she stands to drop her cut-off shorts because Kate-“I want your bottom as red as your T-shirt.” Back OTK, neat lace panties.

Chloe’s turn, same OTK spanking. “Oh, my gosh,” when Kate takes her panties down. All the actresses can’t avoid slightly embarrassed, impish facial expressions. Sally is spanked again–Kate pulls her knickers down and suspects “Are you enjoying this as much as I am?”

The girls laugh nervously. They must step out of their panties. In fact, “Remove your tops…everything off.” The naked girls are fondled and examined by the two sisters.

“We come to Stage 4.” Chloe will receive “20 lashes.” “20 lashes?” “This will be very painful and separate the girls from the women.” The girls are shown a floppy paddle and a martinet. Chloe gets the paddle and Sally the martinet.

The girls are marched outside, quite naked. They assume someone will see (and we assume the local frat houses know when these initiations take place. The girls have to crawl around on all fours in the grass, playing doggy, driven on by riding crops. “You’re my bitch,” says Kate, no longer disguising her interest.

Back inside for the cane session. The girls would like to continue this tomorrow. Chloe chooses between canes and takes 12 strokes over a chair. Welts and skin pops. In her misery, she loses count. “Are you sure this is the twelfth one?” “Yes, I have been counting carefully.” But she gets #9 again because she did not sing out the number.

Sally is caned next and gets only about six strokes. The sisters observe: “She’s laughing. She enjoys the pain.” The last part of the initiation–the girls are shoved out the door naked. They must go to the corner store and buy two Pepsi’s.


19 Nov

M/f; year: 2002; time: 51 minutes

A long and repetitive performance by actress ‘Suzi Martell,’ who portrays ‘Jenny,’ a married former student returning to one of her teachers for discipline, because her husband won’t spank her. Apparently this educator provides this service for a fee.

There are flashbacks to Jenny being palm-slapped and caned by this teacher when she was a student. Ms. Martell, we’ve said, does not make the best schoolgirl, but she makes up for it with her willing compliance, and this film will be filled with intimate close ups.

She has come to the teacher’s office and is asked to put on some girlish clothes, better for spanking. The teacher tells her, “You understand there is no going back,” and he wants to make sure there is no intimation that Jenny is actually enjoying being punished.

The spankings are given in his office; first, OTK white panties down, hand and slipper. Ms. Martell has a cold and cough, which persist throughout the film, because the teacher is right, there IS no going back when you start a CP film. “Are you getting your money’s worth, Jenny?” After a spanking with a plastic ruler, Jenny is asked to choose between two canes. She can’t make the Hobson’s Choice, so she gets six of each. He catches Jenny undulating and rubbing against the table, clearly enjoying this and explaining the whole thing.

She actually pisses her pants, in closeup. she is sent to wash out her knickers, and of course to put them back on for the obligatory wet-knicker spanking. Next, she straddles a folding chair, having pulled knickers down to her thighs. A plastic bucket in placed if she pisses again. She is loving all this.

The teacher then gives her a brief bulb enema–not much detail here. After a trip to the bathroom, she returns to see the slipper. “Do you remember this when you were in school?” After a few cracks, she doesn’t like it and actually prefers the cane.

“OK, but you’re going to get extra.” The long caning begins. Seven strokes bending over, then at least 25 lying flat on an office table. He has achieved tears and tells her, “These are the ones which really count, when we see the tears.” Six more.

She seems to be finished; he takes her wrap-around skirt from her and wants a bottom inspection. She is desperate to rub (for the pleasure), so he makes her hold two plastic cups of water to occupy her hands. But when he leaves the room, she crunches the cups and masturbates against the corner of the table. What is the worst that can happen, she will be spanked some more?

Julia’s New Boy-Girl – NUWEST

18 Nov

F/m; year:1997; time: 36 minutes

Actress ‘Julia Jameson’ is so pumped up in this film we have to assume the storyline fit into her sweet spot.

A knock on the NuWest office door; Julia admits ‘Jonathan,’ a handsome young blond actor available to NE for these F/m parts. “Lock the door behind you…is your butt ready for me?” “Yes ma’am.” Julia marches him just a few feet into work space connecting the office with the dressing rooms.

“Take you clothes off…slowly, one piece at a time, you little honey.” She is busting to get him naked. He removes each piece and folds it carefully, she coos at his handsome body, until he is just down to boxer shorts. Julia loves a new and clean they look. She seats herself for the perfect view and orders them down. Her eyes go right to his cock. Muscular Jonathan has always had a pale white butt to overset his full-body tan. “Are you scared?” “Yes ma’am.”

“Is this totally humiliating for you, being buck naked in front me me and these fully dressed camera women?” Maybe not, he has started an erection, a crooked one, who Julia fondles and laughingly calls a “French Tickler.” Since Julia is going to give him the dildo, she wants to clean him out first.

He kneels on all-fours on a couch. Julia puts on rubber gloves, lubes his anus, then opens a Fleet enema package. No rubber bags, trolley and tubing this time. He shows him the bottle and then screws it home slowly and squeezes. “Ooh, ooh,” it is Julia doing the grunting. She has a second plastic bottle, “a twin pack, twice the fun…if you were in a hospital this would cost $500 (said in ’97).”

“Those guts are going to be clean when I put a rubber dick in it.” He is sent to the bathroom and must knock to come out.

“I’m going to take you into another room and put you in a cute outfit, then I’m going to spank you and fuck you.” They walk through sound stages to a bedroom set. She throws him undies, then playfully mocks him as he struggles to figure out the satin panties, stockings, and camisole. Julia with that laugh you’d recognize in Grand Central Station. She just oves his pale muscular buttocks.

She begins a hard OTK spanking. Jonathan can take it, and a lot more. Jonathan kneels on all-fours on the bed; Julia strips to black bra and panties and straps on the dildo and adds the condom. She is still young and lithe, but powerful and domineering.

She will fuck him hard in several positions, urging “Come on, Johnny.” On his knees, on his back legs thrown up, bent over the bed, flat on his stomach. She gets him groaning. As she bangs away riding his back, she teases: “Want to guess my weight, Johnny?” “140, 150, 160?”

She collapses on him in pleasure. If this were only partially real, he’ll be sore for a while.

Credit Card Caning – CALSTAR

18 Nov

M/2f; year: 2006; time: 45 minutes

Another painful American CALSTAR from ‘Sir Nik.’ He is upset because his wife has overspent their credit card limits and the cards are suspended. He is going to spank her for it, and it would appear this is not such a bad deal for her, a fair trade for the money.

OTK, skirt up, the tiniest thong, she takes off her skirt and blouse and goes back OTK. Her bottom surges on Nik’s lap, but her excitement is overdone.

Bra off, bend over for Nik’s belt. In just her undies, she is sent and brings back a stack of spanking implements. She kneels on the floor then slides backward into the ‘wheelbarrow’ position, that uniquely American posture which might be revealing and photgenic, but is not practical or institutional.

Bend-over for a hairbrush, strap, and rug beater. The thong disappeared somewhere. Nik pries open her vagina.

Martinet, paddle, cane; nothing fierce enough to detail. the girl runs into the bathroom to make a phone call. It seem it was her friend who used the credit cards, for clothes, and textbooks.

If the girlfriend will take a spanking from her husband, they can probably keep this up, so she comes by and gets the same treatment, not worth detailing.


18 Nov

M/f; YEAR: 2007; Time: 50 minutes

Two familiar actors from STRICTLYENGLISH, a smarmy ageplay guy who plays on his age, and a vivacious brunette who can keep up an excited chatter even while her bottom is being whaled.

The girl and ‘Mr. Kent’ are neighbors. She is a would-be professional dancer whose practice music makes too much noise in her apartment at night. When the girl sows him her silly dancing routine, he grabs her and takes her OTK in her apartment, the familiar office setting used in many SE films. Her objections are weak.

“A Few Days later”: Kent is spanking his neighbor again, “this time, panties down.” “Outrageous!” She is keeping him up at night. He begins to suggest they might maker an “arrangement,” but they don’t complete the thought. We do.

“After Another Very Noisy Night”: An OTK spanking is underway. Kent pulls her panties down, for the first time. “I didn’t say you could take my pants off.” She claims the noise she makes is necessary. “I think your profession is getting your bottom smacked.” She objects to having to stand in the corner, pants down, hands on head.

“Not Long Afterwards”: She is in another short-skirted dance outfit. He gives her the slipper, which causes squeals.

“The Day After the Party”: Kent comes in with a cane this time. Her apartment is a mess. “What’s that…if you think that is coming anywhere near my bottom…” He will start her OTK to warm her up. Bend-over the chair for the cane–a dozen strokes, then to the corner. Mild but wild strokes from the geezer, who doesn’t seem to mind being called a dirty old man.

As the session concludes, we learn thart the guy wears a hearing aid. All he had to do was take it out.