Jayne Meets Julia – NUWEST

3 Nov

F/f; time: 18 minutes

‘Julia Jameson,’ getting large here in the later years of NU-WEST,  has caught ‘Jayne’ trespassing on her ranch. In latter day production at NW, the studio is blackened. Jayne, an older short-haired blonde, is brought onto the sound stage. “Disrobe. Put your clothes on that bench.” Jayne hesitates, “Everything?”

Julia cuffs her and strings her up, a spreader bar at her ankles. Jayne has a muscular body, a firm bottom and thighs, and she has shaved. Two dimples-of-Venus add to the sight. Jayne’s skin develops lines and small welts as soon as Julia begins whipping. “I’m going to take that sneer off your face.”

Julia circles and scolds, as shoe always does. Not a word of dialogue from Jayne. Julia refers to the fact that Jayne is from a foreign country, which is meant to cover her silence.

After the standard whipping–the best part of the film is the naked, muscular Jayne struggling in her bonds, the girls hug and we get a closeup of unusual white raised welts.

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