Spanked Secretaries 3-Emily – STRICTLYENGLISH

4 Nov

M/f; year: 2007; time: 60 minutes

Brunette ‘Emily’ stops by to see her boss ‘Mr. James.’ She wants that promotion that is available. “I would do anything, anything at all, to get this promotion.” Her eagerness is not lost on James.

In the middle of the conversation, Emily asks to use the bathroom, where she strips to black bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings. She returns to flash him, but he doesn’t like it, or cannot show that he does. “Emily, your name is, you’re prepared to do anything to get this job?” Yes, she is. He takes her OTK. “Oh, Mr. James, so this is how you like it.”

The film has a lot of coy, marginally annoying banter, more than normal for STRICTLYENGLISH. Makes you want to spank Emily into silence. Emily admits she has offered herself to others in the office for favors. Not a surprise to James.

James tries to be stern. “I’m not doing this for fun.” Emily is not fooled. Skirt up, a long handspanking, and talk, talk. Emily is coaxing him to take her knickers down. “Very well.” A long and repetitive scene.

“Stand up. Take your skirt off.” She stands in the corner, keeping up the prattle. He gets a paddle. “I’ve never seen one of those before.” The strap is next. “Where did you get that souvenir?” The Scottish tawse is next. She faces him and us, full frontal, no longer shy about much of anything.

Blouse off now, down to the black undies we saw. Emily admits she has had sex for favors in the office. Now he has a martinet. “Bend over the back of this chair.” She smiles. “Oh, I like that. It doesn’t hurt as much as the other ones.” When he gets his canes, “What are those?”

Emily asks him why he brings back spanking implements instead of postcards when he travels. Bend over the credenza for the cane, legs wide, a moderate session. He gives her the job. She pumps a “Yes!” when he is out of sight for a moment. She stands in front of him and takes off her bra. “Is there anything else I can help you with?”

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