5 Nov

4M/4f; time: 28 minutes

A powdered-wig landed Lord, described on the Lupus website as a “rococo burgrave,” devours a squab in overtly pornographic tones. Four young girls, maids in the manor, cower in front of him. It seems some of the family silver is missing and the girls are suspected.

The manor ‘scrivener’ brings the girls’ belongings into the room and dumps them on the floor. No silver. Two male grooms join the scene. The girls will be stripped and searched. The burgrave hardly disguises his lust as he dissects his cooked squab. The first girl slaps a groom before she is overpowered by the grooms. Each girl is forcibly stripped naked and tied to a stair bannister. Typically detailed RigidEast scene.

The lord whispers directions to the scrivener. The girls will be whipped one at a time until someone talks. The groom tie the first girl down flat on a bench, Russian style. The actor ‘Jan Zlatousty,’ playing a “rough smith,’ and wearing a dirty blacksmith’s apron, comes on the scene. He will do the caning. He attacks her bottom with a cane, while the two grooms hold the girl’s legs spread wide. The relation between her anatomy and the cooked bird being torn apart is highlighted. Jan slashes hard, as he does in all his films. The girl screams.

The men whisper. The scrivener throws table salt on the girl’s bottom, and her screams are redoubled as the caning continues. The remaining three girls will be dragged out, tied down, and caned. The third girl apparently confesses to the silver theft and is strung up to a pillar by a heavy chain after her caning. Another bottom on the screen to watch.

The men are loving it–the lord, the scrivener, the grooms and the rough-smith. We’ve read again recently that RigidEast mastered the cosmetic assist to the whippings. Since this is all theater, we remain interested on in the entertainment.

The men lead off or carry away the four naked girls, now just dishrags, presumably for their personal entertainment later.

In a dark scene, a shadowy figure returns the silver to the burgrave. The girls were victims.

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