Mature Women Get Caned Too – NUWEST NWV-254

5 Nov

F/f; time: 28 minutes

Another odd film; dominatrix ‘Janet Beckwith’ plays a headmistress who confronts one of her teachers, ‘Miss Ontariez,’ for her failures to discipline her female students.

So the Head will cane Ontariez herself to ensure she gets the point. “What!?” After the Head continues her scolding and begins to make preparations, “I’m beginning to think you are serious.” Ontariez is an older woman with a rounded mature body.

After a FADE-something went wrong with the staging- the caning has already begun. Ontariez’ skirt has been hiked and she is taking the first three strokes on her panties, because she failed to cane a student for incomplete homework.

The teacher let Sally Jones off the hook after she was caught cheating–this costs three more strokes. “Is that all?” No. A student Jane Wright had a hickey on her neck and was smoking. This would have cost her 6 strokes on the bare bottom for each infraction. So the teacher gets the same six on HER bare skin, then another six.

The Head demands an apology, which the teacher refuses to give, the Head canes to the conclusion of the film.

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