7 Nov

M/f; year: 2007; time: 55 minutes

The actress ‘Samantha Woodley’ is credited here. If the dates of the film and on her website are correct, she was 23 years here. She is a stunning, animated raven-haired brunette, with dark flashing eyes, and feminine hips designed for CP films. And she can act! She knows the little comic cues which accentuate the eroticism.

In this story she plays a wife who comes home late. Her husband ‘Guy’ has waited up for her. She wears a naughty little black party dress and has been drinking, so maybe she won’t mind so much what is about to happen to her. Guy takes her OTK. Her beautiful bottom absolutely soars on his lap. He takes her black panties down–he has a lapful. She keeps her hair off her face without us noticing. He switches to a hair brush and must hold her still. Very entertaining. We become intent on just how much of her we will see.

“Six Months Later”: Sam is waiting for Guy in a sexy little outfit. “Well, well., well…you know what we talked about…now we will have to sort it out.” She is wearing just black bra and panties, always black. He takes her OTK on the couch; there is the usual cute struggle. Panties down, a lapful.

There is a silly chase around the house, Guy with a hair brush. She loves it. He finds her hiding in the bathroom–their game. Bend-over in the kitchen, then he sends her for the cane. Just 4 cane strokes. Is it over?

She jumps up, doesn’t want any more of the cane. Back to spanking, then to the corner. STRICTLYENGLISH cleverly placed a small knee-high table there, so Sam has to stick her bottom out nicely as she assumes the correct position there, on tip-toes. The camera zooms and celebrates the sight.

FADE to the bedroom. Sam wears a white lacy nightie and sets herself up over stacked pillows and pulls her panties down, waiting for Guy. He has his cane. It seems she was out drinking again. He lays on about 25 strokes. Sam hugs a pillow in her mock agony, great facials. At the conclusion, they hug and caress. He gets the hand lotion to give her a rub.

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