11 Nov

MF/2f; year: 1997; time: 60 minutes

A film made before the advent of STRICTLYENLGISH’S websites, a little more thought-out in our opinion. It is one of the better office-spanking scenarios we have seen, primarily because all three participants can really act.

A tall and enticing secretary, ‘Diana,’ answers a call. A job applicant, ‘Sally,’ is calling for her job interview. Diana crosses out a 4 PM entry in the schedule–apparently the Friday afternoon hour for her weekly spanking. When she informs her male boss, he reminds her of the Friday requirement, so they will move up her spanking to “now.” Diana goes to the ladies’ room, checks her makeup, pulls up her skirt to check her tight white knickers. She appears content and maybe even a bit eager. Special attention to panty selection on Fridays.

Diana reports to her boss, calm and nonchalant, pulls down her panties, walks around the room, getting out the implements, positioning the chair, sharing her nifty Mohawk landing strip with us. She is a tall, arrow-thin, fashion-model, blue-eyed light brunette.

She carefully goes OTK, very dramatic, gets it just so, hair off pretty face. He raises her skirt and pulls her panties down, it’s Friday. After a brief spanking, she rearranges things again and gets a thick strap–she counts 12. A large round leather paddle elicits some gasps, the first real spanking–12 of those. Hands-on-head, he studies her reddening cheeks.

Again, rearranging, full puss casually on display. Back to work, Diana reminds him to move his care at this hour.

“4:20 PM”: ‘Sally Smith’ arrives for her interview, late. Another stunning actress, a dark brunette, and we are only early in the film, so the promise is significant. The boss storms in, he has had a fender-bender with a woman. When she meets Miss Smith, it was her! She used a different name because she doesn’t have insurance. If she knew what went down in this office, her bottom would be tingling about now. He is amazed she expects to be hired–now she needs the job just to pay him back.

The boss of course spots the leverage. He will give her a three month trial and deduct the damage from her pay. But what else? She committed a fraud. “I feel like giving you a good hiding!” “You’re joking.” She storms out, dumping the interview, and inviting him to file charges. Diana escorts Sally to the bathroom to compose herself. When she comes out, Diana talks her into staying, explains that spankings are part of the office routine, no so bad, and there are compensations. She is working off her own debts with Friday spankings.

Diana tells the boss Sally wants to apologize; she does. He will start the punishment “right now.” OTK, he goes right for her skirt. “What are you doing!?” “I’m taking your pants down.” “You mean she goes through this every Friday?” She gasps impressively, like this spanking is a shock to her. Red in the face.

Realistic tears on his lap, she counts out the last 12. Sally seems into it now; she kneels on a straight chair. He lays his collection of implements out in front of her. The thick strap, then the heavy paddle, she counts 12 in Japanese, a language skill needed for the job. As she dresses, he gets a studied long look at her front, but we don’t. She is sent to Diana.

“Three Months Later”: Sally and Diana have bonded; they are both being spanked every Friday. They are going to put on schoolgirl uniforms and coax the boss into helping them pay for a “holiday” on a resort island. Diana has a cane to give him and suggests a little test for Sally, who has never been caned. About 7 strokes; Diana is impressed. “Your bottom is pretty resilient.” The girls switch.

He loves the surprise-their blouses, neckties, blue skirts, knee socks, and soon he will see, regulation knickers. They sing “Happy Birthday,” which it isn’t, but he’s in the game. They want a holiday and will take a caning to get it. He unwraps the package. “Oh, a new cane.” “You mean you have old ones?”

Sally bends over first. He gets her pants down and notices the cane marks. Diana: “I gave her a taste.” A dozen strokes, Diana loves watching. Diana take her dozen,and to get more money, they will take six more each. And for Diana, the instigator (and, please note, the procurer), 12 more.

As the strokes fall, the girls tabulate the money being earned. Whatever beach they are headed for, they will have to consider what kind of bikini to wear. Friday is PAYDAY!

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