Academy of Riding – CALSTAR

24 Nov

f/2F; Year: 2006; TIME: 48 Minutes

Many good CP films made on the horse-stable theme; lots of whips and crops around, as well as Lesbian-dominatrix equestiennes. This film is just in the middle of the pack. Two rather insouciant girls have been hanging around the public stables, almost “stalking, ‘ hoping for jobs.

After the female stable operator determines on the phone with a friend that the two girls seen outside are the same seen in the neighborhood, the madam approaches them. The girls beg for jobs.

The madam senses her leverage. She wants the girls “into my drawing room” to discuss the jobs. Inside, the madam explains her rules. She will put the girls through an “initiation.” ‘Lee,’ a long-haired blonde, and ‘Tanya,’ a short-haired butchy blonde, are handed stacks of riding clothes to put on, chaps but no slacks under them, so that their knickers peek out. Hard riding helmets, and some posing in this burlesque attire. “You both leave a lot to be desired…part of the initiation is to have a very good spanking.” The madam claims that the object here is for the girls to learn what the horse experiences hen it is flogged.

Blond Tanya is spanked first, OTK, handspanked on her slacks, then madam takes them down and works the pink panties, before they come down. Down to just her bra, she bends over the chair for the CALSTAR black paddle and a floppy paddle. the her caning, a dozen strokes. She jumps up surprised at the first stroke. there are repeats. “You’ll have to give me a minute…a bit higher,” she ad libs.

Lee has been watching and will get the same, but she wants the job. She gets her OTK spanking; Tanya begins masturbating as she watches. Lee has to kneel doggy-style on all-fours on a table for the black paddle and floppy paddle. When the madam gets her panties out of the way, “These are wet, these panties. You are enjoying this….ready for the cane?”

Whatever the answer can be to that, Lee gets dozen strokes.

Madam compares the bare bottoms at the mantel. Madam reminds the girls they are not going to like what it feels like when they ride tomorrow. We would suggest just those chaps and panties.

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